euNetworks Extends Network Connectivity for Equinix Customers in Europe

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euNetworks Extends Network Connectivity for Equinix Customers in Europe

Enterprise IT is changing fast. User expectations for real-time responsiveness are driving the need for more bandwidth, storage and data processing capabilities at the edge, closer to sources of data creation and consumption. At the same time, IT architectures are becoming more complex as various workloads move to “the best cloud for the job” while others remain on-premises. Emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT), are re-shaping IT infrastructures to support additional data exchange at the digital edge. For today’s enterprise, ensuring fast, low-latency, secure connectivity between all of these elements is essential. And in a cloud-first world, IT teams want to consume network services on-demand with the same flexibility, scale and speed that they consume cloud services.

Scale Services Globally, Leverage Equinix Fabric™ for Secure, Private Interconnection

Connect to the world’s largest ecosystems of interconnected partners and providers to accelerate your organization's digital transformation. Equinix international business exchange (IBX®) data centers leverage Equinix Fabric™ to gain control over IT cost and performance issues.

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Connect to Europe at cloud speed with Equinix and euNetworks

To address the growing demand, Equinix and euNetworks are offering enterprises additional options to provision and manage secure network connections across Europe. euNetworks is the first network service provider (NSP) partner in EMEA to offer its services on Platform Equinix® via Equinix Fabric™ (formerly ECX Fabric®). Equinix Fabric directly, securely and dynamically connects distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems on Platform Equinix via software-defined interconnection across 45+ markets. Platform Equinix also provides access to ecosystems of networks (1,800+) and clouds (2,900+), as well as proximate, private interconnection with companies in business ecosystems, such as financial services (1,250+) or content and digital media (650+).

Now, with this expanded partnership, Platform Equinix customers can seamlessly tap into euNetworks for expanded reach across Europe. euNetworks owns and operates 17 dense fiber-based networks within key cities around Europe and the U.K., and these are connected with euNetworks’ intercity backbone covering 51 cities in 15 countries. euNetworks also operates three subsea Dublin to U.K. routes, six U.K. to Europe routes, and 36,200 kilometers (22,493 miles) of lit fiber across its long-haul network. That means businesses can rapidly connect to more locations in Europe than ever before, including 430+ fiber-connected data centers and more than 2,100 fiber-connected enterprise buildings.

Here’s a hypothetical example. Let’s say a manufacturing company co-located in a Paris Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center needs to connect to an euNetworks on-net facility in Ireland. By leveraging one of euNetworks five ECX Fabric exchange points (Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Zurich), the manufacturing company can now quickly check capabilities for an euNetworks connection to Ireland via the integrated portal as shown below. A request for a quote can be sent automatically and, once agreed, the connection can be provisioned over ECX Fabric, similar to the experience offered for major cloud service providers.

This capability gives all Platform Equinix customers additional interconnection options. For example, a business based in Atlanta or Japan that needs to connect to additional locations, supply chain partners, customers or other ecosystems at the digital edge in Europe can also benefit from this expanded interconnectivity.

We’re seeing a growing enterprise need for reliable, secure network connectivity across Europe. By offering our network services via ECX Fabric, Platform Equinix customers in Europe and elsewhere will be able to quickly reach further and deeper across Europe than they ever have before. Becoming the first network service provider in EMEA to do this was an easy choice.” Paul Weterman, euNetworks

Reaching further with Equinix and euNetworks

The combination of ECX Fabric and euNetworks is a win-win scenario for every Platform Equinix customer who needs to extend their reach in Europe. Whether it’s an enterprise or service provider customer, it translates into new routes of connectivity beyond what’s available on Platform Equinix – specifically access to over 2,500 euNetworks fiber-connected sites across 51 cities in 15 countries. And for euNetworks, it expands the addressable market to new customers in 45+ ECX Fabric markets.

It’s a symbiotic relationship that provides growth opportunities, more secure, reliable access to network services, and one that meets the on-demand expectations of enterprise customers everywhere.

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