FR5 IBX Advisory

Jens-Peter Feidner
FR5 IBX Advisory

UPDATED: December 6th at 16:52 GMT

Equinix has received the all-clear from Government Authorities and the evacuation has been lifted.  Equinix personnel have now returned to the FR5 IBX and customers are welcome to schedule appointments.  There has been no health or safety impact to any personnel and no impact to the operations of FR5 or any other local Equinix facilities during the evacuation.

UPDATED: December 5th at 13:00 GMT

We have received further details from the Frankfurt Government authorities regarding the evacuation needed to enable teams to neutralize the World War II projectile that was discovered in the Gallus area of Frankfurt. The non-negotiable deadline for evacuation of all occupants within the Government mandated evacuation zone is now at 8:00am CET on Sunday December 6th, 2020; however, Equinix will begin evacuation at 6:30am CET to ensure compliance. The Government crisis management team will begin work at 12:00 CET to neutralize the projectile and is estimated to take twelve (12) hours although a completion time has not yet been confirmed.  All customer personnel have been asked to exit the FR5 IBX no later than 7:00am CET to comply with the Government Authorities mandatory evacuation.

As the evacuation is mandatory for everyone, we have set up our Operations and TFM Teams in our nearby FR4 IBX to conduct remote monitoring of the FR5 infrastructure, including CCTV and Access Control Systems.

The Government Authorities have assured us that there is no risk to the health and safety at this time and there is no immediate impact to the operations of FR5 or any other local Equinix facilities. We will keep customers informed as we receive further updates from the Government Authorities about the status of the neutralization and the end of the evacuation.

We will continue to update the blog when we receive any additional information.

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Jens-Peter Feidner Managing Director Germany, Equinix
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