Equinix Joins Google Cloud Edge Launch

Speeding hybrid multicloud interconnectivity and bare metal services to the edge

We are excited to announce that we have joined Google Cloud as one of their launch partners for a new initiative to deliver partner applications to the network edge, providing our customers access to cloud and bare metal services at the edge via high-speed 5G connectivity. This is the latest in a long history of collaborations, where we are accelerating our customers’ deployment of hybrid multicloud architectures at the edge via high-performance, low-latency interconnection to Google Cloud.

As the world’s digital infrastructure company, we’re empowering digital leaders to build and interconnect critical IT services at the edge on Platform Equinix®. This includes deploying hybrid multicloud architectures for greater application scalability and user satisfaction. We’re proud to be a Google Cloud Premier Partner, with a long history of providing dynamic, dedicated connectivity to Google Cloud’s global infrastructure network via Google Cloud Interconnect (GCI) and Equinix Fabric™   in over 37 metros worldwide.

Global Google Cloud Interconnect Deployments on Platform Equinix

Currently, 45% of Google Cloud on-ramps are on Platform Equinix via Equinix Fabric and Google Cloud Interconnect.

Equinix Fabric software-defined interconnection is optimized for the instant deployment of high-performance and low-latency connectivity to Google Cloud ꟷ from the core to the edge. Direct and secure connectivity to Google Cloud services can be provisioned in minutes, enabling businesses to achieve the high-speed performance that enterprise applications demand. And now with Google Cloud’s network, and 5G connectivity,, we can supercharge our customer’s access to more agile and scalable cloud services, including Google’s Anthos application development platform.

Optimized hybrid multicloud application development at the edge

Applications power digital business at the edge. Containers and platforms such as Kubernetes and Anthos provide a consistent environment that simplifies and speeds developing, deploying and managing hybrid multicloud applications. On Platform Equinix, developers can quickly create and deploy applications at the edge with Anthos on Equinix’s automated bare metal service, Equinix Metal™. Anthos on Equinix Metal, with Equinix Fabric and GCI, allows enterprises and service providers to manage, secure and migrate workloads between Google Cloud, other clouds and on-premises environments on-demand, wherever they need it.

“With cloud-native applications delivered to the edge with Anthos and 5G connectivity, customers with edge presences have an opportunity to digitally transform aspects of their businesses – whether digitizing important business processes or launching new experiences for consumers,” said Tanuj Raja, Global Head, Strategic Partnerships at Google Cloud. “We are excited that Equinix will join this initiative, delivering its expertise in infrastructure and network services to help customers deploy Anthos and applications to the edge.”

Tapping into the expanding network/5G ecosystem on Platform Equinix

Delivering Google Cloud capabilities to our customers leveraging Google Cloud’s network, as well as those of its communications service providers such as AT&T, and 5G connectivity at the edge, aligns perfectly with our existing relationship with AT&T Business. Together, AT&T Business and Equinix are helping enterprises succeed with their digital transformation initiatives in a number of industries such as retail, finance, healthcare, and sports and entertainment.

Google Cloud customers can also tap into our globally expanding ecosystem of 1,900+ network service providers (NSPs) and mobile network operators (MNOs) across Platform Equinix via Equinix Fabric. Our recently announced Equinix 5G and Edge Proof of Concept Center (POCC), will provide a 5G and edge “sandbox” environment at our Dallas Infomart Data Center™ campus. This allows NSPs, MNOs, ISVs, cloud service providers, technology vendors and enterprises to directly connect with the largest edge data center platform to test, demonstrate and accelerate complex 5G and edge deployment and interoperability scenarios.

Our Equinix Edge Specialists can help you plan your hybrid multicloud strategy using dynamic, dedicated interconnectivity to Google Cloud on Platform Equinix in one of our Digital Edge Strategy Briefings.

Learn more about the Google 5G announcement.

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