Equinix and Colt Deliver an Intelligent Network at Software Speed

Brenden Rawle
Michael South
Equinix and Colt Deliver an Intelligent Network at Software Speed

Today’s digital economy demands agility and innovation. To stay ahead, enterprises are increasingly relying on collaboration and integration with multiple service providers and partners to create new value. This in turn is driving a need for more flexible digital infrastructure with high-performance, low-latency connectivity to digital ecosystems of partners. For more than five years, Equinix Fabric™ (formerly Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric®) has been at the heart of helping our customers meet these demands. Digital leaders around the world have leveraged Equinix Fabric on Platform Equinix® to privately interconnect with cloud service providers (CSPs) and other business partners with greater efficiency, performance and security. Now, as we head into 2021, we are bringing on a range of new Equinix Fabric capabilities to meet evolving digital business requirements for greater access to partners, flexibility, and automation.

Equinix Fabric revolutionized private interconnection, and our network service provider (NSP) customers were with us from the start as the largest consumers of the platform. Now we want to take the possibilities even further. The programmable and dynamic connectivity of Equinix Fabric is not just for clouds, but it also enables businesses to connect to their choice of network services, including the industry-leading Colt On Demand network platform!

Equinix Fabric for Service Providers

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Colt and Equinix launch SDN-enabled On Demand interconnect

An intelligent network gives enterprises the freedom and peace of mind to adopt new technology into their digital workspace, without having to worry about the constraints that come with poor connectivity. As these data intensive applications are integrated, businesses find themselves needing a scalable solution for their bandwidth which can be accessed in real-time.

Building on a partnership first announced in 2017, Equinix and Colt have expanded their collaboration to fully integrate Equinix Fabric and the Colt IQ Network with On Demand capabilities. Equinix Fabric directly, securely and dynamically connects distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems on Platform Equinix via software-defined interconnection across 49+ markets. Equinix Fabric participants have the ability to connect with each other across Equinix’s global platform. Platform Equinix provides access to digital ecosystems of networks (1,800+), clouds (2,900+), best-of-breed providers and more than half of the Fortune 500.

Colt’s highly available and secure network spans four continents with Colt-owned infrastructure in 32 countries, including over 210 cities, 51 major metro area networks and crucial last mile connectivity to over 29,000 on net buildings around the world. This network reach from Colt (29,000 buildings and 900+ data centers) is now fully available to Equinix customers through Equinix Fabric, with direct access nodes in Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Singapore and Tokyo and more to come.


This year has proven what we have long known, which is on-demand networking coupled with a technological ecosystem of like-minded providers is key to powering enterprises' rapid transformations. By extending our collaboration with Equinix, together we're giving enterprises greater agility and control over their most critical asset in today's business landscape – their network." Peter Coppens, Vice President Product Portfolio, Colt Technology Services

On demand connectivity made easy

An intelligent network needs complete accessibility. Once connected to Equinix Fabric and onboarded onto the On Demand platform, our joint customers can use the Colt On Demand platform to create integrated and real-time connections. Real time automation across both infrastructure platforms enables pay-as-you-go billing. Once a connection is created, an enterprise can make modifications to bandwidth in real-time to meet business requirements, with full tracking and reporting available. Major use cases for the service include:

  • Connect on demand with a direct high-performance link from your data center resources to your headquarters (HQ) or other office location
  • Scale up connections to support demand for high-bandwidth video and conferencing applications across your locations
  • Backup and replicate datasets between a platform in an Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) and a third-party site
  • Interconnect hybrid multicloud services across multiple locations, including public cloud, near-to-cloud and on-premises

This integrated service provides a highly simplified end-to-end network experience that is agile, convenient and secure. Additionally, flexible, cloud-like pricing means enterprises can move away from traditional, static contracts. In other words, you pay for what you use, which greatly enhances the cost efficiency of your network.

Colt’s On Demand offering is one we are very proud of. Networks have long shifted from being a stagnant business cost – to being a true enabler of organizations’ transformations, as they evolve.

We know transformations in the past year have had to happen in some cases overnight, and our collaboration with Equinix will only further accelerate business growth and agility – something we both are fundamentally aligned on.”
Peter Coppens, Vice President Product Portfolio, Colt Technology Services

As enterprises continue to navigate their business and technology transformations, it’s clear that collaboration with partners, customers and digital platforms is an important priority. The need for flexible and efficient network solutions is a crucial part of this type of collaboration and those organizations that embrace these services will put themselves ahead of the game!

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Brenden Rawle Senior Director Business Development, EMEA
Michael South Guest Author: On-Demand / SDN Product Management at Colt Technology Services
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