Photos of the most interconnected data center in Latin America – SP4

Equinix expanded this IBX data center capacity with a US$ 59 million investment

Photos of the most interconnected data center in Latin America – SP4

A couple of weeks ago we announced the opening of the third phase of expansion of SP4, one of our IBX data centers in the São Paulo metro area. With an investment of US$ 59 million, the facility was expanded by more than 65% with the addition of 3,838 m² (41,311 sqmt) and 1,025 cabinets. Total colocation area reached 9,522 m² (102,494 sqmt) with this expansion.

SP4 is known as the most interconnected data center in Latin America, as there is available not only the main Equinix interconnection solutions, such as Equinix Fabric™ and Equinix Internet Exchange™, but also a point of presence of, the main public internet exchange in Brazil.

The most interconnected data center of Latin America

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SP4_16 Secure Cabinets_THUMB

Following sustainability criteria, IBX data centers predominantly use renewable energy sources. SP4 also has a high efficiency free cooling system and enclosing hot aisles, which provide even greater energy efficiency.

Check out these 360º photos and see how SP4 looks from the inside.



Colocation floors:


Fiber room:

Man trap:

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