Dell Technologies APEX at Equinix Delivers Hybrid Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Enabling the consistent control and consumption of data storage services and multi-cloud, where it’s needed the most

Steve Steinhilber
Dell Technologies APEX at Equinix Delivers Hybrid Infrastructure-as-a-Service

The adoption of flexible consumption business models is not stopping with the cloud. Today’s digital leaders are looking toward OPEX-based as-a-service offerings to help them cope with the massive volumes of data that are accumulating at the edge. IT organizations are building infrastructure and hybrid multi-cloud architectures at the edge to deal with this data explosion, putting workloads and data protection where they work best: close to data sources.

We recently announced an agreement for Dell Technologies to offer Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers as an option for customers acquiring Dell Technologies APEX Data Storage Services. This gives our customers the opportunity to build and interconnect foundational digital infrastructure that leverages the best of APEX Data Storage Services and the vibrant multi-cloud ecosystem on Platform Equinix®.  As the world’s digital infrastructure company™, we will expand the availability of APEX Data Storage Services across our global platform, wherever they deliver the greatest value. The combined effect is maximum choice, mobility, cost and performance advantages for our customers.

Simplifying the consumption of data storage and hybrid multi-cloud services 

Equinix is the first company to integrate the Dell Technologies APEX Console on its global platform, enabling organizations to quickly and easily deploy and scale APEX Data Storage Services across hybrid multi-cloud architectures where they are most needed. Dell Technologies will be offering its subscription-based APEX Data Storage Services at Equinix IBX data centers worldwide, along with Equinix Data Center services. This will simplify customer deployment, consumption and support of these combined services via a single management console and billing model.

Dell Technologies and Equinix hybrid infrastructure solutions enable joint customers to address fluctuating IT and storage requirements, more consistently control and protect their data, and better manage costs. Customers will have the option for Dell Technologies to manage the underlying data storage infrastructure in a data center of their choice, a hybrid cloud or at an Equinix IBX location across the globe. This model allows customers to pay for only what they use, with a single-rate and no overage fees. Customers will know how much to budget each month and can order nearly any capacity of block and file storage at a variety of performance levels, simplifying how they consume their storage infrastructure.

Equinix houses a thriving ecosystem of more than 2,900 cloud and IT service providers around the world, enabling our customers to leverage a more cost-effective, usage-based cloud consumption model via high-speed, low-latency connections. Direct and secure access to a wide-choice of cloud and internet service providers via Equinix Fabric™ software-defined interconnection and Equinix Connect™ makes Equinix the optimal place for customers to consume Dell Technologies APEX Data Storage Services.

“Data is a business’s most valuable asset and it needs the balance of accessibility, control and protection that comes with trusted platforms and secure interconnection,” said Denise Millard, Dell Technologies, senior vice president of Global Alliances. “This expansion of our longstanding collaboration with Equinix delivers a secure, on-demand hybrid cloud solution that allows our customers to transform their data into valuable information for making critical business decisions.”

Customer Use Case: Travel agency drives greater data performance and lower costs

This week at Dell Technologies World, Equinix’s Chief Product Officer Sara Baack shared a joint Equinix and Dell Technologies customer case study that exemplifies the powerful effect of the companies’ collaboration:

“Recently, we worked together with Dell to help an online travel agency redefine its cloud strategy. We helped our client take a fragmented and expensive public cloud architecture and simplify it with a secure and scalable hybrid cloud solution with localized storage at Equinix for better performance. The company was able to lower monthly costs and simultaneously improve the performance of its platform for its users. The customer said they delivered a return on their investment in less than 6 months. Solutions that leverage the awesome power of the public cloud where it makes sense, while putting the control, performance and economics back in our customers’ hands, are the future of IT.”

Equinix and Dell Technologies as-a-service IT infrastructure is coming soon!

The first generally available roll-out of Dell Technologies APEX Data Storage Services at Equinix will be available in select IBX data center locations across the Americas, EMEA and APAC by the end of the year with future Equinix and Dell Technologies APEX as-a-Service offers to follow.

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Steve Steinhilber Former Global Vice President Ecosystem Development
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