Pure Storage on Equinix Metal: Compute and Storage at the Edge

High-performance storage at the edge, with the control of single-tenancy bare metal and the consumption experience of the cloud

Pure Storage on Equinix Metal: Compute and Storage at the Edge

Digital transformation is necessitating IT applications and data to be moved from centralized to distributed deployments. The astronomical growth and adoption of public cloud has only accentuated this need. For years, digital leaders at top-tier enterprises and providers have leveraged Equinix’s global platform to deploy and interconnect their foundational infrastructure to build scalable hybrid and multicloud architectures. Equinix Metal™ has enabled customers to  more easily take advantage of Equinix’s global reach and rich ecosystems by making automated interconnected bare metal available at software speed worldwide.

High Performance with Pure Storage

Pure Storage on Equinix Metal empowers organizations to run their operations as a true, automated, storage-as-a-service model seamlessly across multiple clouds.

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As use cases are maturing, the workloads running at the edge and the center of multicloud environments are becoming more demanding. Running such mission-critical and stateful applications requires enterprise-grade high-performance persistent storage alongside compute. These modern applications tend to have unpredictable data and storage needs, especially with use cases such as the Internet of Things (IoT). As a result, applications often end up needing more storage than initially anticipated, requiring flexible and elastic storage solutions at the edge. Moreover, for years, customer buying behaviors have shifted to prefer a subscription-based, OPEX consumption model over a traditional, CAPEX model when it comes to compute and storage resources, where they don’t have to manage hardware and can get the control and performance of single tenancy.

So, can customers really find a solution that provides the control of single-tenancy, delivered as a subscription-based managed service? In other words, can they have their cake and eat it too? With Pure Storage on Equinix Metal, they can!

Pure Storage on Equinix Metal provides single tenant, high-performance storage appliances from Pure Storage, hosted and operated by Equinix. Here are a few key capabilities of this solution:

  • As-a-service: Equinix hosts and operates the storage and compute nodes in our data centers and offers the complete infrastructure service in a monthly OPEX model. As a result, customers are relieved of ongoing maintenance and upfront CAPEX, and can accelerate their time-to-market.
  • Control: The storage appliances (and bare metal servers) are single tenant. So, customers have complete control of their compute and storage, and can customize the hardware as required by their operating system and applications.
  • Security: Single tenancy also assures customers that they are not sharing their hardware with anybody else. Additionally, Pure Storage appliances have industry-leading enterprise-grade and multi-layer data encryption that’s always on by default.
  • High-Performance: The resilient all-flash storage systems are physically proximate and directly connected to the Equinix Metal servers on the same internal network. This assures customers of the lowest latency possible between compute and external storage systems, a key requirement for mission-critical transactional applications.
  • Support: Customers have been relying on Equinix Metal as their trusted advisor for digital infrastructure needs. We are proud to provide the first level of support and collaborate with Pure Storage for the higher tiers of storage support.

Unleashing the value of interconnection

The plug and play integration with Equinix Fabric™, allows you to create and connect to foundational infrastructure building blocks and services, such as Pure Storage on Equinix Metal, on demand via secure, software-defined interconnection. Equinix Fabric is changing the way digital business connects — making it possible to quickly and simply scale hybrid deployments, achieve network agility, and directly access partners and providers in Equinix’s unique interconnected ecosystems, including leading networks and clouds. By interconnecting to Pure Storage on Equinix Metal via Equinix Fabric, you can increase application and storage performance, improve security and reduce costs with the power of proximity.

The Pure Storage on Equinix Metal solution enables you to consume a complete infrastructure stack (compute + storage + network) on Platform Equinix®, delivered at software speed. This is the first of many such partner-enabled solutions that we intend to take to market, providing a wide range of choices that customers have come to expect from Equinix. On Platform Equinix, you can scale with agility, accelerate your own digital transformation journey and deliver world-class experiences to your customers.

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