10 Photos of New IBX® Data Center in Silicon Valley

With the Addition of SV11, Equinix has Invested More Than $1.25B in the Local Economy

Jon Lin
10 Photos of New IBX® Data Center in Silicon Valley

Some say Silicon Valley is no longer a location, it’s a state of mind. That may be true in many respects, but when it comes to digital infrastructure, it’s most definitely a location and a very important one at that. Silicon Valley is the third largest colocation metro in the Americas and serves as the business hub for more than 700 Equinix customers.

With Digital Transformation accelerating at an unprecedented pace, we’re empowering our enterprise partners and customers by opening a new International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center that delivers unrivaled power and efficiency in the epicenter of technology.

SV11 is a two-story, sleek $142M facility inside our Great Oaks campus in San Jose, CA. With this addition, Equinix has invested more than $1.25B in the local economy. This investment fuels job growth through construction projects and is a strong economic multiplier for public infrastructure upgrades such as power, road, water, and fiber communications. Additionally, Equinix’s IBX campus in Silicon Valley acts as a major traffic hub of internet traffic on the West Coast, helping to fuel the innovation and digital economy in the region.

In true Silicon Valley fashion, SV11 was built from the ground up with power efficiencies and renewable energy resources throughout. In fact, SV11 will be the first Equinix facility to use the Bloom Energy fuel cell system as its primary source of power, with utility electrical grid and generators as backup sources.

Want to take a peek? Check out these 360º photos and see how SV11 looks from the inside and out.

Security Lobby:

Man Trap:

Customer Care Area:

Colocation floor:

Conference room:

Aerial view:

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