Equinix, Google Cloud Leverage Seattle Metro Hub for IoT

Data-intelligence provider Navarik illustrates value of scalable hybrid cloud infrastructure via global collaboration

Melissa Cotton
Equinix, Google Cloud Leverage Seattle Metro Hub for IoT

Business connectivity is all about efficient data transit. For every enterprise with local, regional and global elements, establishing and sustaining secure, highly available interconnectivity is essential.

When I talk with customers and partners, I hear concerns about which elements to migrate to cloud services, or how to best access content providers, or uncertainty about the ideal strategy for balancing functions that must remain on-premises, such as databases, versus those that roll out to cloud applications.

Situated in 63 key metros worldwide, Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers provide the foundation for secure, reliable and highly available interconnection to essential IT resources and ecosystems.  A perfect example of this commitment to concentrated resource diversity and flexibility of access is our Seattle metro hub.

Why Choose Seattle Data Centers?

Our interconnection-rich Seattle IBX data centers provide low-latency access to Asia-Pacific via transoceanic cable landings. Customers can directly connect to 175+ companies and reduce transit expenses with direct access to the Seattle Internet Exchange.

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Equinix Seattle IBX ideally situated to support global business

Equinix Seattle is situated in a high-tech nexus for interconnection, industry and innovation. It embodies a global gateway for secure, high-capacity network data exchange. Our large, scalable Puget Sound metro hub features 129,000 square feet of colocation space distributed among three IBX facilities (SE2, SE3 and SE4). These data center sites are optimally positioned between terrestrial routes that connect North America (eastern and western Canada and the U.S.) and Latin America (LATAM), and the subsea cable routes that connect North America, Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) regions.

Equinix Seattle Metro Hub Features Three Equinix IBX Data Centers

Seattle provides an international gateway, where companies in Equinix Seattle IBX data centers can access global partners and customer ecosystems across Platform Equinix.

Navarik optimizes Google Cloud digital infrastructure via Equinix Seattle

A prime example of how the Seattle metro hub can play a pivotal role for emerging digital leaders is our global customer Navarik, a Vancouver-based software-as-a-solution (SaaS) provider to the petroleum supply and trading industry, and its integration with Google Cloud on Platform Equinix.

Challenge: Navarik provides real-time petroleum-tracking and inspection data intelligence as a service to the energy industry. Its streaming data processing platform required seamless access to Google Cloud to accelerate and optimize the availability of its Internet of Things (IoT) data processing and analysis applications for its customers (sellers, buyers, traders). Navarik also required secure and resilient integration between its on-premises software platform and multiple Google Cloud services over fast, low-latency connections.

Solution: Navarik partnered with Equinix and Google Cloud to create a high-performance, secure and reliable hybrid cloud IT infrastructure. Equinix Seattle gave the company a reliable colocation data center and high-speed, low-latency interconnection that bypasses the performance challenges and security risks of the public internet. Navarik leveraged proximate access to Google Cloud and redundant, private software-defined interconnection via Equinix Fabric™ and Google Cloud Interconnect (GCI). The solution also supported a remote disaster recovery environment for Navarik’s mission-critical transactional and operational database.

Navarik’s collaboration with Equinix and Google Cloud netted the logistics company several key operational benefits:

  • Rapid application development and time to market—Agile access to Kubernetes container and microservices tools enables Navarik developers to set up a new Google Cloud Service endpoint in about 50 minutes versus two to four weeks.
  • High-speed, low-latency data access—Equinix Fabric and GCI provide single-digit latency (average 5 milliseconds) when moving data between Navarik’s streaming data infrastructure, Oracle database, and Google Cloud application development, data processing and analytics services.
  • Reliable, real-time data intelligence—Streaming data services, enhanced by Google data analytics, deliver real-time information to inspectors, buyers and sellers (exactly when they need it) on the location and quality of petroleum and commodity products and the status of the ships and trucks transporting them.
  • Secure and resilient infrastructure—Large volumes of data flow securely from multiple IoT devices into Navarik’s data streaming cloud platform over dedicated, private connections, avoiding the data leaks and cyberattacks typical of public internet connections.

Navarik’s Streaming Data Platform Integration with Google Cloud on Platform Equinix


Equinix Seattle integrates global connectivity, service availability

At Equinix Seattle, you can leverage our trusted global platform to bring together and interconnect the foundational infrastructure that powers digital success. Key Seattle metro facility advantages for northwest-based and multinational enterprise customers:

  • Seattle is ranked as the second-best market for tech talent in the U.S. by CBRE[i] with top tech companies in the metro area including Amazon, Microsoft, Expedia Group, SAP, Facebook and Google.
  • The undersea cable market that connects with the Asia Pacific region through Seattle (via the FASTER subsea cable) is experiencing continuous growth, with new providers—including China Mobile, China Telecom, Global Transit, Google, KDDI and SingTel—bringing increased connectivity to the state of Washington and the greater northwest U.S.
  • Proximity to Canada gives enterprises high-speed connections to that market while maintaining infrastructure in the U.S. for regulatory, technological and operational simplicity.

Speaking of Canada: With our acquisition of 13 Bell Canada data centers, in addition to our Toronto facilities, we can interconnect Canada from coast-to-coast. This proximity to Canada gives Pacific Northwest and multinational enterprises high-speed connections to the Canadian market while maintaining  infrastructure in the U.S. Furthermore, out Seattle IBX facilities are the closest interconnection hubs between the U.S. and APAC markets over high-speed, low-latency subsea cable routes to Japan via the FASTER subsea cable landing station in SE3—with indirect access to other subsea cable routes, such as the Hawaiki Cable that connects North America to APAC markets.

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[i] CBRE, report, “2021 Scoring Tech Talent,” July 12, 2021.

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