Explore Precision Time for the Digital Edge

Learn how the new time as a service helps manage a globally distributed system

Explore Precision Time for the Digital Edge

Time and timing services are crucial to the business success of a wide range of companies across numerous vertical markets worldwide.

Download our new IDC analyst report and see the current technological alternatives available to organizations requiring time-related capabilities, with interviews from enterprises for whom time and time services are integral to their applications and operational processes.

Discover how a new time as-a-service offering from Equinix® seeks to address both the limitations of current approaches to time and the evolving needs of modern enterprises.

Precision Time for Digital Edge

See how enterprises can deliver secure, precise, reliable time synchronization for distributed systems.

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Time synchronization may be a “nice to have” for some applications, but for many vertical market applications, accurate time synchronization is absolutely critical. Before Time as-a-Service, options for time synchronization ranged from unreliable to quite expensive. Equinix has come up with a better “as-a-service” model for customers to ensure accurate time synchronization is possible at a reasonable price – Equinix Precision Time™.

In this short Tech Talk we explain how Time as a Service (TaaS) can help you overcome the challenges of using the public internet for time synchronization, procuring, managing and maintaining GPS antennas and other timing infrastructure during global change. Equinix Precision Time is compliant with NIST, FINRA, MiFID II, SMPTE-2110 regulations, and has the ability to optimize your business.

Equinix Precision Time provides a global, highly accurate, and reliable Time-as-a-Service application for distributed systems over Equinix Fabric.  Register for a 30-day free trial today!

NTP servers have recently been used to amplify large-scale distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks over the internet. Other DDoS attacks exploit faulty configurations rather than software vulnerabilities. IDC has found that poor time synchronization not only entails inherent complexity and cost but also can result in vulnerabilities that open the door to damaging replay attacks.
Brad Casemore, Research VP, IDC