Anything is Possible for Digital Leaders in Atlanta

Equinix connects businesses with partners to collaborate on innovative solutions for their end customers

Kevin Thames
Anything is Possible for Digital Leaders in Atlanta

It’s easy to understand why enterprise giants like Coca-Cola, CNN and UPS chose Atlanta for their headquarters. First, Atlanta is located in Georgia, a state that Site Selection magazine ranked the best state to do business for eight years running.[i] Known as the economic center of the South, the Atlanta metro is the 7th largest metro in the U.S. One reason Atlanta is a thriving home to so many major financial, manufacturing, digital media and healthcare companies is because of who else is there. And Equinix connects these and other vital digital and business ecosystems together.

When I first started leading the channel sales program in the Americas, I talked about the “Power of Three” and the critical role partners play in forging the fastest path to success for enterprise businesses. Collaborating with other businesses speeds up both innovation and getting to a solution that benefits everyone. With the right partners, anything is possible, and this is especially true in Atlanta.

Why Choose Atlanta Data Centers?

Our Atlanta International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers offer the largest interconnected community of service providers and enterprises including the Atlanta-based stock exchange.

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It was true for CDM Smith, a leading global engineering and construction firm with offices in Atlanta who teamed up with Equinix and NetCraftsmen®, an IT consulting company, to deploy a global edge compute, network and hybrid multicloud architecture in Atlanta. This architecture enabled a new level of innovation for the company, allowing them to deliver greater value to their clients in a variety of ways, including speeding up the rendering of datasets from drone aerial images into 3-D models to deliver greater insights for their clients’ projects.

Equinix empowers digital leaders by proactively connecting them with as many participants in their digital supply chain as possible and working with them to collaborate on solutions that delight their end customers. For instance, we helped a customer who owns a large network of retail stores by bringing them together with a network provider, and two Cloud Services Providers , one that created presentation layers for data, and another  that processes and analyzes that data to create an app that made it easier for shoppers to find what they were looking for in our customer’s retail stores. Each partner played a part to make the app run smoothly, and they all connect in an Atlanta-based Equinix data center. There are hundreds of customer success stories like this one from a variety of industries and company sizes – what they have in common is their presence in Atlanta, and on Platform Equinix™.

All of these success stories were made possible because of Platform Equinix and our robust partner ecosystem. With more than 210 diverse companies in our Atlanta International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers, Equinix is well positioned to bring our customers closer to their Atlanta customer base, partners and supply chain.

A great starting point to quickly deploy a core digital infrastructure, Equinix businesses can access a broad array of IT services:

  • Equinix Fabric™ securely and privately connects your infrastructure with distributed users and industry ecosystems.
  • Equinix Metal™, an automated, interconnected bare metal-as-a-service, allows you to deploy physical infrastructure for compute, storage, and networking at software speed, on demand.
  • Network Edge and leading network functions virtualization (NFV) vendors extends your business to the edge in minutes, with no additional hardware requirements.

Our global partners include more than 1,800 networks and 3,000 cloud and IT service providers. All of our Atlanta partners can be found in our partner directory or companies can apply to become an Equinix partner at Equinix Partner Central.

Would you like to learn more about Equinix in Atlanta? Check out our specs in the Atlanta Data Centers data sheet.



[i] Site Selection Ranks Georgia and North Carolina The Top State Business Climates for 2020

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