Equinix Partners with Google Cloud to Make Databases Work Anywhere

Hybrid-cloud connectivity solution maximizes existing database investments while enabling enterprises to modernize applications

Melissa Cotton
Jagdeep Singh
Equinix Partners with Google Cloud to Make Databases Work Anywhere

As companies around the world accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, two key challenges arise in ensuring success: the cost of updating legacy systems and the complexity in managing the terabytes of data in multi- and hybrid cloud environments required for data analytics and decision making.

Laying the groundwork for smoother digital business transformation and database modernization, Equinix has partnered with Google Cloud to provide customers with a hybrid cloud solution that seamlessly connects their preferred database (running anywhere) with applications running on Google Cloud. This is particularly useful for customers who require efficient access between on-premises databases such as Oracle and Google Cloud, as well as providing needed flexibility and efficiency in modernizing applications.

Get closer to Google Cloud with Equinix

50% of Google Cloud onramps are at Equinix metros, supported by 11 out of 15 low-latency Google Interconnect locations. Of 34 GCI Metros, 32 offer direct Google Cloud connectivity via Equinix Fabric™.

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Equinix and Google Cloud accelerate database modernization

Enterprise application modernization and IT digital transformation rely heavily on the agility and scalability of public cloud resources. However, they are being challenged by the complexity, expense and delays caused by the integration of on-premises and cloud environments. A common use case is enterprises that need to keep their critical databases on-premises but require fast, low-latency access to essential cloud resources and applications. Providing seamless integration through direct and secure, proximate interconnection between on-premises databases and Google Cloud, Platform Equinix® enables digital leaders to more quickly process and analyze data to deliver greater insights to their users faster.

Equinix and Google Cloud’s hybrid cloud solution allows businesses to seamlessly connect their on-premises database environments, such as Oracle Exadata, to their modern application environments running in Google Cloud. With Equinix Fabric™ software-defined interconnection and Google Cloud Interconnect (GCI) working together, we make our customers’ applications running in Google Cloud work effortlessly with on-premises databases.

We’re excited about our long-term relationship with Google Cloud and offering our customers a growing portfolio of digital infrastructure solutions to accelerate their digital transformation. Together, we are removing any constraints to integrating on-premises databases with Google Cloud solutions and providing more flexible options for our customers to run modern applications and databases anywhere.” Bill Long, Sr. Vice President of Core Product Management, Equinix

Equinix and Google Cloud provide Navarik fast on premises database/cloud integration

Navarik, a real-time commodities data insights company, delivers real-time commodities tracking and inspection data intelligence-as-a-service to its global customers. Its streaming data processing platform required seamless and reliable interconnection to Google Cloud to accelerate access to Google Cloud applications and integration with Navarik’s on-premises SaaS platform and Oracle database.

Equinix Fabric and GCI provided single-digit latency (average 5 milliseconds) when moving data between Navarik’s streaming data infrastructure, Oracle database, and Google Cloud application development, data processing and analytics services.

Navarik’s new hybrid cloud infrastructure provided agile access to BigQuery, Google Cloud’s enterprise data warehouse, and Kubernetes container and microservices tools. This enabled Navarik developers to set up a new Google Cloud service endpoint in about 50 minutes versus two to four weeks. In addition, the company can now add a new API endpoint to the infrastructure in less than 15 minutes to quickly provision new customer services in markets worldwide.

Navarik’s Streaming Data Platform Integration with Google Cloud on Platform Equinix


Modernize applications on a hybrid cloud digital infrastructure

Businesses can leverage Google Cloud’s scalable capabilities when accessing legacy databases on Platform Equinix using a hybrid cloud, digital infrastructure. This modernizes legacy IT environments by:

  • Giving latency-sensitive on-premises applications and databases direct and secure access to Google Cloud’s extensive capabilities.
  • Leveraging BigQuery, including streaming data in real time and predictive analytics with built-in machine learning.
  • Enabling SaaS customers to archive Oracle databases on Google Cloud using direct and secure, private interconnection.

We are seeing an acceleration in our customers building new experiences with Google Cloud, even though the velocity to deliver new experiences is often hindered by the ability to migrate legacy databases to modern data platforms. Our partnership with Equinix enables our customers to leverage their legacy databases hosted on any platform, securely and with low latency, and integrate with first-party Google Cloud services such as BigQuery and Looker to create a data cloud that’s not limited by the perimeter of a data center." Andi Gutmans, GM and VP of Engineering, Google Cloud Databases

Google Cloud global expansion on Platform Equinix

Today, many of the Google Cloud onramps are on Platform Equinix providing direct and secure low-latency connectivity. Sign-up for a 30-day free trial of Google Cloud and Equinix Fabric.

Learn more about how Equinix and Google Cloud are working together to create flexible hybrid multicloud infrastructures.

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