Equinix Announces 2020 Australia Partner Awards Winners

Recognising our partners in Australia who have made significant contributions to form powerful digital ecosystems

Guy Danskine
Equinix Announces 2020 Australia Partner Awards Winners

To adopt the “new normal” associated with the ongoing global pandemic, organisations across Australia are seeking an entirely new operating model to sustain their companies and explore new business opportunities. It’s increasingly evident that robust and reliable digital infrastructure is key to the revival of the Australian economy, including our partners who are in lockstep with Equinix to build enduring digital ecosystems to benefit multiple industries around Australia and the world

The latest Global Interconnection Index (GXI Vol. 5) reveals that digitally mature businesses in Australia are expanding their digital infrastructure 4x faster than at pre-pandemic levels. Sydney is forecast to grow to 661 Tbps by 2024, expanding interconnection bandwidth capacity at 43% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Melbourne is also expected to grow to 55 Tbps by 2024, expanding interconnection bandwidth capacity at 50% CAGR. While COVID has forced businesses to innovate in many ways, by both expanding existing and introducing new digital services, our partners in Australia have been dedicated in adopting a comprehensive digital strategy as a core business pillar, consistently emerging as disruptive market leaders through an interconnected digital partner ecosystem.

Global Interconnection Index

The time for a digital-first strategy is now.
The Global Interconnection Index (GXI) is the industry’s leading source of data and insight on interconnection and its increasing impact on the digital world. It shows what digital leaders across all industries are doing to accelerate their digital-first strategies.

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Building stronger digital connections than ever before

With the vigorous growth of interconnection bandwidth in Australia, this fast-paced region has recorded a high rate of technology adoption historically via an interconnected ecosystem of enterprises and service providers. At Equinix, we believe the power of these ecosystems is where our partners can incubate their innovations and technological breakthroughs to benefit their end customers. Throughout the year, we have worked closely with our partners in the Australian market to formulate the best digital solutions to accommodate their enhanced digital infrastructure.

This year, we have developed a more definitive awards program for our partner community and have established five categories to recognise outstanding digital leadership, including Alliance of the Year, Partner of the Year, Reseller of the Year, Social Impact and Trailblazer to acknowledge our emerging partners. Join us in congratulating these industry leaders who have fostered the growth of the digital ecosystem and accelerated the progress of business transformation across the digital community in Australia.

Australia Partner Award Winners

Alliances: Partner which has demonstrated excellence, innovation and customer success in applying Equinix technologies to achieve breakthrough solutions through working with Equinix and our customers, as well as our partner community.

HPE Australia was able to achieve several objectives for an important customer – the largest supermarket chain in Australia. These included developing innovative solutions with Equinix to exit a major data center and deploy a new payments switch solution. Also, HPE GreenLake with Equinix enables the best of both worlds – public cloud-like agility and colocated infrastructure – using a single HPE contract, single invoice, and single point of contact.

Partner of the Year: Partner which is recognized for value delivered to its customers’ businesses using Equinix digital infrastructure solutions, where the partner has a proactive strategy and program to establish customer value first when opportunities arise.

As the winner of the Partner of the Year Award, Telstra was able to offer its customers several unique solutions that included medical AI, public cloud and Equinix Fabric. Through these innovative business solutions Telstra has built up 230+ joint customers with Equinix to date.

Reseller of the Year: Partner which is recognized for reselling established Equinix products and digital services. The winner of this award has the highest rate for bookings growth and associated metrics with Equinix.

As a leading specialist fiber and network solutions provider, Vocus has developed a long-term strategy that incorporates data center consolidation, reduced network costs and management simplification through orchestration and automation, meeting customer expectations regarding future expansion needs in Asia and Europe. This resulted in overall cost savings of 40% for the customer whilst meeting specified strategic objectives.

Partner Deal of the Year: Partner which is recognized for the highest volume of registered deals in the year.

AT&T has delivered significant Equinix business improvements including 30% growth in registered deals, 25% in competencies and 15% in vertical growth. AT&T capped this off with a work from home (WFH) solution for one of the largest insurance companies in Australia and the world – QBE – shifting 17,000 workers within 4 days to enable business continuity through the COVID pandemic.

Social Impact: Partners which have demonstrated excellence in partnering with Equinix to protect, connect and power a more sustainable digital world through the use of Equinix and partner resources and investments to deliver specific social initiatives.

As one of the largest entertainment companies in Australia, Optus has partnered with Equinix to support Children’s Cancer Institute by devising a new secure data platform, enabling the organization to create a faster, more cost-effective and secure means of integrating and sharing research data with its various collaborators around the world.

CSL Limited is the Australian manufacturer of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, and getting this product to market quickly to meet contractual obligations with the Australian Government was essential. NetApp Australia delivered a powerful data and interconnection fabric to ensure seamless and secure connectivity internationally, and reliable and trusted data sharing and tracking for the national rollout.

Trailblazer: Partner which has demonstrated excellence in pioneering the use of Equinix products in combination with next-generation technologies including 5G, edge, IoT, blockchain, and AI/ML/cognitive/advanced analytics, with proven ability to create greater value from a joint value proposition for market verticals.

As a Gold Partner of Equinix, Fastrack Technology is devoted to providing a cutting-edge digital workplace to global customers. To respond to the ever-increasing growth demands from customers, Fastrack provides a one-stop-shop solution for connectivity, global data centre, virtualisation, colocation and cloud integration services using Equinix products and services, including Equinix MetalTM. Equinix’s global approach and networking enabled an overall 55% latency decrease and a scalable architecture allowing new growth requirements to be implemented immediately.

When running a business in an unpredictable global environment, a solid and future-proof digital infrastructure is the best assurance to support day-to-day operations while fostering innovation. As the world’s digital infrastructure company, Equinix is well prepared to serve enterprises with interconnected solutions and build a mutually valuable partner ecosystem in the Australian market. We deeply appreciate the trust from all of our partners and congratulate the winners of our 2020 Australia Partner Awards.

Check our Equinix Partner Program Portal and stay tuned to the Interconnections Blog Site for more exciting partner news.

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