How to Cultivate a Flourishing Digital Ecosystem with Equinix Marketplace

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Garina Tse
How to Cultivate a Flourishing Digital Ecosystem with Equinix Marketplace

With digital driving fundamental changes in every aspect of our lives and businesses, it is not surprising that in 2022 more than half the global economy is expected to be based on or influenced by digital.[1] As we are increasingly moving to a digital world, leaders are all rethinking the way they connect and interact with partners and customers. This transformation process has led to the emergence of digital ecosystems and keeps raising the bar for business. The latest volume of the Global Interconnection Index (GXI) predicts that by 2025, 75% of leading organizations will leverage on digital platforms and ecosystem capabilities to adapt their value chains to new markets, industries and ecosystems.

The report also indicates that almost a third of all global interconnection locations have high concentrations of specific industry and ecosystem clusters colocated. Globally, Service Providers interconnect on average with over 100 discrete partners while digital enterprises and digital native SaaS companies directly interconnect with 30 or more partners.

Without a doubt, faced with today’s constantly evolving and fast-changing landscape, digital leaders are becoming increasingly dependent on partner collaboration as IT strategies shift from building technology to integrating digital building blocks from many different sources. This makes a platform like Equinix Marketplace, where businesses can bring together all the right places, partners and possibilities, exceptionally key to business success. By capitalizing on digital marketplaces for exponential capabilities and speed, digital leaders are able to level the playing field and move faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Fueling your business growth with Equinix Marketplace

Equinix Marketplace is a business-to-business platform for buyers and sellers, or service providers. It is designed and built to help our customers grow their business with strategic colocation solutions and decision-making tools, no matter whether your company is selling services or looking to connect with service providers available in our International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers across 60+ metros.

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Since the launch of Equinix Marketplace ten years ago, we have been fully committed to enabling our customers to enjoy the easiest way to find, connect and market to an ecosystem which has grown from 4,000 to 10,000+ members now. This is larger than our next 10 competitors combined, providing customers with access to 1,800+ network services, 3,000+ cloud and IT services, 600+ content and digital media services, and 2,900+ enterprises.

With Equinix Marketplace, enterprise buyers can find providers and locate the right products and services in the right IBX locations from suppliers using Marketplace search reports and apps. This, in turn, can reduce their time to market for new partner integrations by contacting the right providers from the outset. Using the search and business analytics tools in Equinix Marketplace enables our customers to find the right partners and maximize your interconnections. Customers can search by services or locations, then refine the results by selecting sub-categories of Network, Cloud and IT, Financial, or Content and Media to efficiently discover new partners, establish services and new business relationships quickly.

For service providers, Equinix Marketplace can bridge providers to more business opportunities. Service providers can showcase their companies in their own customized storefront in Marketplace. Also, with thousands of leading companies from vital industry verticals, the searchable business directory makes it simple and effortless for service providers to connect with highly qualified buyers in specific IBX locations and target markets to sell more products and services.

Getting a closer look at Equinix Marketplace

So how can you leverage on Equinix Marketplace’s features to drive successful ventures? Here is a snapshot of what you can enjoy with Equinix Marketplace.

Storefront editing: The Storefront is a great way to introduce yourself to other users in Marketplace. You can add events, promotions and solution briefs. Moreover, you can also share apps, update service offerings, qualify for badges and manage team contacts to make sure your prospects are always aware of the latest updates. You are also able to view how many users visited your storefront and who they are.

Search and connect: The app enables you to readily identify the best partnerships or prospects in your strategic markets. The search function comes complete with categorization which allows you to filter by location, service, industry and favorites. Marketplace also enables you to go one step further by saving search results and messaging service providers or partners.

Service provider reports: Customized reports at Equinix Marketplace can easily be found and downloaded, helping you make informed decisions about locations, customers, interconnectivity and more.

Equinix Explorer: Equinix Explorer offers a customizable view of connection types between IBXs for each metro, allowing you to see how Equinix IBX data centers are connected. You can discover, share and download Equinix metro interconnection and IBX data center information.

Matchmaker: With a comprehensive overview of all your customers, locations and data, the Matchmaker App enables you to identify growth opportunities and operational efficiencies for existing customers with cross‑connection relationships.

Matchmaker Simulator: You can also work together with your Equinix representative to identify colocation opportunities and find buyers in targeted metro locations.

Ecosystem Visualizer: The Ecosystem Visualizer lets you view interconnection density effortlessly by vertical segment for any Equinix location. It helps identify areas for ecosystem development or presentation to customers, business prospects or internal teams.

Interconnection Visualizer: The Interconnection Visualizer displays interconnection density by location. You can view the digital ecosystem density (clouds, networks, data and companies) between businesses by region, metro or IBX location.

Get to know more about Equinix Marketplace and how it can enable you to reap the full potential of digital ecosystems and accelerate your journey in the new era.


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