Who Says the Hard Part is Not Fun?

Going the extra mile as a team to bring people and businesses closer

Jeremy Deutsch
Who Says the Hard Part is Not Fun?

“Adversity is the mother of invention” – I’m not sure exactly who said this phrase but I am sure when they said it they didn’t have the Covid-19 pandemic in mind.  But these words certainly ring true today and in our current circumstances. From the unprecedented rapid development of lifesaving vaccines to new collective behaviors, to the evolution in new implementations of technology, we have quickly learned new ways to survive and to progress.

2021 has not been easy but it has also been exciting and rewarding in many ways. Given the ever-increasing importance of digitalization, the demand for digital infrastructure continues to grow and the need to empower individuals and businesses motivates us to go beyond. I am proud to say that the past 12 months have been full of defining moments and achievements for us here in Asia-Pacific. With digital transformation already moving at a rate of knots, we have delivered maximum impact, shared success, and even managed to have some fun along the way. Before we march into 2022, it is time to rewind and take a look back at our achievements.

Highlight #1 – Being There for Customers with 50+ IBX Data Centers

Our continuous expansion story in the region has to top the list of our achievements in 2021. Since we entered Asia-Pacific, we have been committed to expanding our footprint and bringing our customers and partners closer. This goal continued to motivate us to move forward with new openings including SG5, OS3 and PE3 in 2021. But what made this year even more special for us is that we opened our 50th International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center! This milestone is a testimony to our team’s ongoing efforts, and I have strong faith that our growth story has only begun.

The Future of Digital Leadership

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the future of digital leadership

Highlight #2 – Investing More to Connect More Opportunities 

With Asia-Pacific’s economy coming back stronger than expected, we have great confidence in our strategy to invest more to empower our customers to seize the best of tomorrow’s opportunities. In 2021, our extensive projects across the region brought our total investment value to over USD 911 million. From the new builds to the expansion plans for current IBX data centers, we aim to strengthen our capacities and fuel our customers’ future growth. We also planted the digital flag in India this year and in addition to Japan, we invested in hyperscale facilities in Australia, to transform the way businesses interconnect.

Highlight #3 – Doing More to Accelerate Business Growth with High Performance

Our team’s dedication has not gone unnoticed – we continue to achieve new heights in terms of business performance. We recorded 75 quarters of consecutive growth supported by our ability to partner to deliver a full solution for our customers with our channel partners. In Q3 in particular, our channel partners contributed more than 35% of our global bookings, showing the power of the combined solution that the Equinix platform can deliver.

Highlight #4 – Evolving Product Offerings to Help Enterprises Stay Ahead of the Curve

As the digital landscape rapidly evolving, our team keeps expanding our platform’s capabilities and availability to power our customers’ transformation journey. With a wide array of products, we have been able to continue connecting customers with the right place, right partner and right opportunities. Here is a quick recap of our service availability in the region:

  • Equinix Fabric™ – available in Canberra, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Osaka, Perth, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo, with Mumbai expected in 2022
  • Equinix Metal™ – available in Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo, with Osaka and Melbourne expected in 2022
  • Equinix Precision Time™ – accessible to customers in Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo
  • Network Edge – available in Hong Kong, Melbourne, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo, with Osaka and Mumbai expected in 2022

Highlight #5 – Greener from the Ground Up

Sustainability continues to be a key value driver and adds purpose and meaning to what we do. A wide variety of initiatives have been implemented to advance our sustainability journey. These include the focus on sustainability with the design and operation of our facilities including: Equinix Cooling Array, DCIM and Adaptive Control Systems, as well as cold/hot aisle containment, and more. We also announced our commitment to being climate neutral by 2030, backed by science-based targets. I am delighted that our hard work and commitments continue to bear fruit – we are humbled as a team to have received multiple sustainability awards across the region in 2021. These awards include: Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards, W. Media Asia Pacific Cloud & Datacenter Awards, CLP Smart Energy Award and more.

Highlight #6 – Bringing Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging to Life

In the past 12 months, we were able to enable co-creative opportunities for employees to give back to their communities with our support, year-round. Particularly in our Equinix Impact Month in October, we came together to serve our local communities and society at large through volunteering and fundraising. From Pink Ribbon Day for the Cancer Council in Australia, Food Angel food preparation in Hong Kong, Magic Bus in India, Community Clean Up in mainland China and Japan, and Masks for Children in Korea to Ride Rainbow in Singapore, we supported our teams through WeAreEquinix initiatives extensively across the region to promote purpose, belonging, service, sustainability and fun.

We also hosted a wide variety of internal initiatives to foster inclusion and a feeling of belonging. As an example, during Days of Understanding, our CEO, Charles Meyers, along with several hundred fellow market leaders, pledged to cultivate inclusivity. Across the region, we accumulated over 800 participant hours with 37 sessions offered in English, Chinese and Japanese.

Fast Forward to 2022

So, if adversity truly is the mother of invention, then I believe we have made the best of our lot in 2021. It’s been a monumental year for us in Asia-Pacific, filled with excitement, jobs done well and the promise of great things to come, and we are already planning more and bigger things for the coming year.

We will be here continuing to empower our customers, our team and the world. We aim to contribute our part to the digital economy by connecting businesses with more opportunities by bringing together all the right places, partners and possibilities. And we will do even more to embrace diversity, inclusion and belonging (DIB) and fulfill our commitment to creating a better and more loving digital world.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season, and I cannot wait to start our new chapter together in 2022!

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