Dell APEX Now Available at Equinix

Customers can now order APEX Data Storage Services with the option for Dell-managed colocation at select Equinix locations

Jim Steinbauer
Dell APEX Now Available at Equinix

Digital leaders are re-architecting IT by placing components of their infrastructure in Equinix locations and interconnecting a dynamic combination of physical and virtual environments, bringing together users, clouds, networks and digital ecosystems. This proximity enables them to optimize security, performance and control for their overall IT environment while also providing the choice and agility to scale their business up and down as required. As a result, digital leaders achieve better business outcomes by locating their data privately at the intersection of this dynamic environment. For them, cloud adjacency is becoming a critical part of their IT strategy and a competitive differentiator. According to IDC:

“Digital leaders that maximize the value of data and ecosystems will create opportunities to thrive during the digital data explosion. From 2015 to 2025, the Global DataSphere will grow at a CAGR of 58%, reaching 180ZB of data created and replicated by 2025. The ability to harness the value of data and use it to drive better business outcomes will be a source of competitive differentiation.[1]

Dell is now making it easier for customers to become digital leaders with the recent announcement that APEX Data Storage Services now includes the option for Dell-managed colocation deployment at select global Equinix locations.

Enable the Edge. Connect the Core. Access the Clouds

Equinix and Dell Technologies together create cloud adjacent solutions that provide enterprises with the flexibility to deploy private IT infrastructure in locations where users, clouds, networks and digital ecosystems physically meet.

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Dell Solutions Brief Diagram

APEX Data Storage Services is Dell’s Storage as-a-Service offer—a portfolio of scalable and elastic storage resources designed to optimize for simplicity, increase agility and maintain control of data. Block and file storage is available with simple pricing and three performance tiers to meet workload requirements. One- or three-year subscriptions are available, with a base capacity commitment that starts as low as 50 terabytes.

Including the deployment option of a Dell-managed Equinix colocation environment consolidates the as-a-Service experience with a single offer and a single invoice and enables customers to simplify operations by removing the burden of data center management while benefitting from the agility of public clouds and maintaining control of data. This is all fully supported by the APEX Console, including ordering as well as operational management and monitoring. Customers can create new subscriptions to APEX services, specify an Equinix site for deployment and leverage the benefits of Equinix data center services.

Positioning data in all the right places for digital advantage

As the world’s digital infrastructure company™, Equinix provides a trusted global platform that businesses rely on to advance their digital-first strategies and equip their digital transformation journeys. On Platform Equinix®, we have interconnected digital ecosystems within every industry around the world, including more than 1,800 networks and 3,000 cloud and IT service providers. By locating data at the intersection of these digital ecosystems and connecting to Equinix Fabric®, customers can have on-demand ‘LAN-like’ access, providing the choice and agility to drive specific business outcomes and create competitive differentiation.

Dell expands the APEX as-a-Service portfolio

With its IT as-a-Service expertise Dell continues to expand the APEX portfolio, designed to reduce the time and complexity of acquiring, managing, maintaining and servicing physical IT infrastructure. In addition to APEX Data Storage Services, the broader APEX portfolio also includes APEX Cloud Services (including APEX Cloud Services with VMware Cloud, APEX Private Cloud and APEX Hybrid Cloud), and APEX Custom Solutions.

  • APEX Cloud Services offers integrated compute, storage and networking resources that support both traditional and cloud-native applications with hybrid or private cloud resources. Automated lifecycle management simplifies and streamlines operations. Customers gain simplicity, agility and control with APEX Private Cloud and APEX Hybrid Cloud.
  • APEX Cloud Services with VMware Cloud allows flexibility to decide where workloads will work best and seamlessly migrate to a simplified multicloud experience.
  • APEX Custom Solutions provides a broad infrastructure portfolio as a Service. APEX Flex On Demand allows customers to select the exact product and services they need, scale their usage, and only pay for what they use. APEX Data Center Utility layers in flexibility with custom metering and managed services.

Together, the APEX portfolio of services provides Infrastructure as a Service that delivers business outcomes for customers. With APEX Data Storage Services at Equinix, Dell customers have more options to deploy infrastructure that allows them to maintain control over their data. Equinix is working closely with Dell to expand the availability of APEX portfolio services in Dell-managed colocation environments at additional Equinix IBX data centers.

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[1]IDC White Paper, sponsored by Equinix, “A Blueprint for DX Success: Start with Hybrid Infrastructure and Connected Ecosystems,” Doc. #US47633921, IDC, April 2021.

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