Equinix Takes Pride in Scoring 100 on Corporate Equality Index

Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Recognizes Leading LGBTQ+ Employers

Karl Strohmeyer
Brandi Galvin Morandi
Equinix Takes Pride in Scoring 100 on Corporate Equality Index

When Equinix set the goal of becoming a leading employer for the LGBTQ+ community, we knew it would require being open, listening to our employees and external constituents, getting feedback and making changes. 

Our Equinix Employee Connection Networks (EECN), are created around an identity or community that is underrepresented at Equinix, has faced historical discrimination or share unique challenges. They are led by committed volunteer employees who are instrumental in providing advocacy, guidance, and accountability and we are profoundly grateful for the leadership they provide and the work they accomplish.  It is through the contributions of our EECN volunteer leaders that we can continue our journey to become a leading employer for the LGBTQ+ community. 

PrideConnect, one of nine EECNs at Equinix, was established to create a supportive, positive space for dialogue, learning and allyship within our LGBTQ community.  It was through this group of dedicated volunteers that we established our goal of becoming a leading employer for the LGBTQ community. Today we are proud to announce we have come a step closer to that goal, earning a score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) Corporate Equality Index (CEI).   

The HRC’s Corporate Equality Index is a national benchmarking tool on corporate policies, practices and benefits pertinent to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer employees. Participation in the CEI was just the kind of feedback and accountability we were seeking. It was a critical benchmark to help track our progress. We are honored to join 842 top scoring companies also dedicated to establishing and implementing comprehensive policies, benefits and practices that ensure greater equity for LGBTQ workers and their families.  

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Overseen by Equinix Pride Connect and its passionate leadership team, we identified our strengths from our initial entry in the HRC CEI in 2021 and knew we had solid non-discrimination policies, benefits parity and a strong employee group with executive sponsorship in PrideConnect. We realized, however, that we had gaps to fill and were eager to find ways to improve. PrideConnect partnered with teams across the business to identify gaps and create a strategy for how to improve.   

In the fall of 2021, we introduced Equinix’s “I Matter” initiative, a program that allows employees to self-identify across a range of identities including sexual orientation and gender identity. This company-wide initiative not only helped address a specific gap noted in the CEI around established best practices but directly supports our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging vision where all employees feel they are safe, they belong, and they matter. In just the first few months of the program over 25% of our employees have self-identified. 

We also rolled out an enhanced Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) training and developed new curriculum to help educate and empower our members and connect our external public advocacy for equality with our internal goals 

To provide additional opportunities for our teams to connect, learn and grow, we designed and implemented a PrideConnect mentoring program. This program, specifically focused on our LGBTQ community, helps employees tackle unique professional hurdles and manage the authenticity gap in the workplaceIt also serves as a way for our PrideConnect members to engage in open dialogue and foster meaningful conversations about career growth, obstacles and opportunitiesWe are pleased to kick off our second class of mentors/mentees this year. 

Our 100 score confirms we are on the right track, but we realize there is work to do.  Rather than rest on our accomplishment, we are driven by our commitment to evolve our programs and initiatives to support the LGBTQ community – both internally and externallyAnd it is through the passion and dedication of our Equinix Employee Connection Networks, like PrideConnect, that we continue to learn and progress. 


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Karl Strohmeyer Former Chief Customer and Revenue Officer
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Brandi Galvin Morandi Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel & Secretary of Equinix.
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