3 Key Factors for an Enterprise Sovereign Hybrid Multicloud Architecture

Embracing a digital-first strategy with Dell Technologies and Equinix

William Lim
3 Key Factors for an Enterprise Sovereign Hybrid Multicloud Architecture

In today’s world, business outcomes are increasingly tied to business agility–the speed to reach the market and the ability to adapt to market changes. This leads to the growing adoption of technologies, and among all options, many enterprises turn to public clouds to improve operational reliability and scalability. However, as the saying goes, “every coin has two sides”, and as more data and applications move through the cloud, we also see it give rise to several concerns around data gravity and data sovereignty.

To address these concerns and stay ahead of the curve, digital leaders have advanced from a cloud-first strategy to a digital-first strategy, bringing together core, ecosystem and edge. Leveraging a hybrid multicloud architecture, enterprises can enjoy the flexibility to deploy private IT infrastructure in locations where users, clouds, networks, and digital ecosystems physically meet to fast track their digital journey. According to the Global Interconnection Index (GXI) Volume 5, digital leaders who have implemented digital-first strategies are now moving 4.5 times farther ahead in their transformation.

That’s why Equinix has partnered with Dell Technologies to create cloud adjacent solutions, supporting enterprises to make the leap and build a future-proof hybrid multicloud architecture.

Equinix and Dell Technologies bring the ultimate in flexibility and choice

Equinix and Dell Technologies together create cloud adjacent solutions that provide enterprises with the flexibility to deploy private IT infrastructure in locations where users, clouds, networks and digital ecosystems physically meet.

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Key factors to building an efficient enterprise sovereign hybrid multicloud architecture  

There are three key factors for organizations to consider when building an efficient and cost-effective enterprise sovereign IT infrastructure while navigating the hybrid multicloud environment.

Data sovereignty: Organizations can own their data, similar to owning intellectual property. By applying the 5C’s of control, compliance, choice, cost and customer experience, organizations can ensure the most important digital assets are being managed and operated in the most optimal way for their agility and growth.

Hybrid multicloud controller: Across data, applications, containers, network and security, it is crucial for enterprises to have hybrid controllers which are neutral and flexible. This is so both current and future workloads can be supported with consistency and control throughout the lifecycles of evolving requirements and priorities.

Ecosystems at core, cloud and edge: To enjoy the best-of-breed services, collaborations and partnerships, enterprises must have easy, direct, secured and on-demand access to ecosystem participants and service providers. This enables them to enjoy increased customer traffic, provide richer customer experiences, allow flexibility to scale, and explore new business models at a lower cost. Overall, a digital ecosystem offers the combined advantages and values greater than its parts individually, to all digital participants.

To optimize their hybrid multicloud architecture, enterprises need to look for solutions to help them strike a balance between security and agility. That’s where Dell Technologies and Equinix come into play.

Achieving data sovereignty and enterprise sovereignty with Dell Technologies and Equinix

Dell Technologies redefines simple, modern, affordable, and flexible primary storage to ease the concern surrounding data sovereignty. Its modern architecture is designed for flash and rich data services. This unified storage comes standard with support for file and block, point-in-time snapshots, local and remote data deduplication and replication, and built-in encryption. This means data can be securely stored in a private environment where it can be easily accessed and moved. Additionally, with Dell Technologies infrastructure deployed within an Equinix data center and connected to Equinix Fabric™, enterprises can dynamically connect to industry-leading cloud and network providers globally, via software-defined interconnection, enabling unparalleled choice and flexibility.

More choices, competitive advantages, and productivity gains

As the single best place for companies to deploy their digital infrastructure for hybrid cloud architectures, Equinix offers the most locations for directly and privately connect to leading IaaS and SaaS providers. In just minutes, Equinix Fabric customers can directly connect with major cloud providers, including Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud. With our global footprint, enterprises with a single cloud service provider (CSP) can enjoy high availability by connecting to the same CSP from redundant accesses. At the same time, those with multiple CSPs can have diverse cloud capability empowerment with a consistent core. The proximity of the private infrastructure to the public cloud, combined with dedicated high-speed connections, provides the lowest latency, best performance, and highest level of security possible.

By providing LAN-like connectivity between your private infrastructure and all the leading cloud and network providers, Dell Technologies and Equinix enable enterprises to fully utilize the best that hybrid cloud has to offer for optimizing performance. Their customers, business users and developers can directly access and select specific cloud services that best meet their needs, bringing competitive advantages and productivity gains. In terms of risk mitigation, the joint solution allows enterprises to deploy security controls privately and/or publicly. They can also access a rich choice of cloud and IT service providers to design flexible and low-cost business continuity plans, which will safeguard their data and business with ease.

With Dell Technologies and Equinix, speed and security can go hand in hand to build a more dynamic hybrid multicloud architecture and ensure data sovereignty. We aim to create a data exchange marketplace where unified and consistent data standards enable digital participants to distribute, source, exchange, share and commercialize data, and orchestrate a data ecosystem. Get to know more about how you can advance your hybrid multicloud journey with Dell Technologies and Equinix.

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