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A Look at Digital Transformation

Karl Strohmeyer
A Look at Digital Transformation

Journey.  Transformation.  Evolution.  These words are quite meaningful to me.  I mean aren’t we all – personally and professionally – on some sort of journey to evolve and transform?  And in this increasingly digital world, companies are forced to do the same.  And while many of them have a digital transformation plan on their roadmap how can we help them progress so they can offer their customers a more meaningful experience?  How can digital leaders connect and learn from each other to evolve and meet their organizational goals?

It was during the pandemic, when companies were forced overnight to accelerate their digital journeys, that an idea came to me.  I wanted to leverage my role as the Chief Customer and Revenue Officer to showcase our customers’ digital journeys.  Through partnership with our customers, we could share their stories and inspire other’s digital transformations.

Dell's unique digital transformation story

Learn how the company digitized what already exists—and reimagined their infrastructure for the digital future.

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Equinix customers are among the most innovative and influential in the world. They are meeting the demands of rapid digital transformation across every industry and segment around the world. And through the partnership of many we found an opportunity to help bring their unique stories of success to you – we call this the Digital Leaders Series

In our first of the series, I sat down with Cameron Chereh, the Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Engineering for Dell Technologies Federal System to learn more about their digital transformation through the lens of as a service, customer journey and the leadership necessary to get there.

Here is what I learned.

Value Stream Mapping: IT must be viewed as more strategic and less as a cost center. Through value stream mapping you can determine what actually creates value from a supply chain perspective and how it links itself to either the business or mission outcome.

Customer Interface:  it all starts with how Dell hires people.  Focus on hiring people who have a distinct passion about customers and the curiosity to understand more, learn more.  Those traits are critical.

Customer Journey:  Learn about your customers, where they are in their journey and who in the organization is critical to the equation.  Make it your goal to solve for the issues the customer is trying to address.

Sustainability:  In this digital revolution it is critical that companies think about sustainability.  It must be part of a leader’s DNA, the companies DNA and part of the ecosystem in which we operate.  Those values are non-negotiable.

I invite you to join Cameron and me and learn more about Dell’s digital transformation in this first segment of the full video:

A lot of people look at IT as a cost center, some look at it as strategic…The ones that looked at it as a cost center where it is just, “I’m going to give it to you as a cost challenge every year to try to reduce your budget.”…you can’t do that if you want to compete in the digital world.” Cameron Chereh, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President for Engineering for Dell Technologies Federal Systems

The Equinix Digital Leader Series is an opportunity to use the power of customer stories to showcase the digital transformation happening all around us. By connecting with our customers and partners to help tell their stories we are helping others shape their own digital transformations.  Through meaningful and candid conversations, we are sharing the positives and pitfalls that customers may be experiencing in their own journeys.

Watch the first full interview in our series today.

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