Evolving Your Business Future with Digital-First Architectures

Future-proofing digital services enable your organization to meet service excellence standards globally

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Evolving Your Business Future with Digital-First Architectures

Organizations have progressively adopted new digital business models for the past two years and transformed to meet their customers’ increasing demands readily. As a result, this technological boom has created a significant digital divide for businesses still operating with traditional digital infrastructure. Fast forward to 2022, these businesses may encounter agility, speed, and security challenges that prevent them from delivering a world-class digital product or services to meet their customers’ evolving needs. Inevitably, these challenges will likely be even more significant when faced with issues such as growing numbers of distributed users, tightened operating budgets and physical constraints of business expansion.

Digital leaders in Asia Pacific are very aware of the urgent need for digital transformation, and of the vast business opportunities which come together with the challenges. Many of these business frontrunners are Equinix’s customers and partners. According to the Equinix 2020-2021 Global Tech Trends Survey (GTTS), 76% of IT decision-makers in Asia-Pacific state that digitizing their IT infrastructure is a top priority, with 68% planning to improve network optimization. At the same time, according to research from Statista, one of the key constraints for small- and medium-sized businesses is the lack of necessary technology which is essential for them to take the first step in the journey of digital transformation.

Equinix 2020-21 Global Tech Trends Survey – DX in the wake of the pandemic

The survey of 2,600 global tech leaders explores everything from the impact of COVID-19 and perceptions of the cloud and 5G, to attitudes about sustainability related to digital transformation.

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As the world’s digital infrastructure companyTM, Equinix is dedicated to supporting its customers and partners by connecting their businesses and critical applications with the best-of-breed digital infrastructures that offer direct and on-demand connections. For over twenty years, Equinix has been a key partner to the world’s digital leaders. This became a critical determinant for global companies like WIZTECH, which operates across multiple regions, to select the right digital partner that provides the flexibility and efficiency it needs to modernize its services.

Equinix and WIZTECH deliver digital service excellence beyond customer expectations

WIZTECH is a one-stop IT solutions provider to businesses for end-to-end services, ranging from private and public cloud adoption to IT infrastructure build-outs, web hosting and application development and business digitization support. To meet its customers’ IT demands that differs dynamically across its overseas offices spanning from Australia to the Asia region, WIZTECH needed an interconnected network to maintain its services seamlessly. Thereby, with Equinix, WIZTECH can offer a flexible and cost-effective on-demand digital architecture solution to its customers.

As each business operates uniquely, it isn’t easy for WIZTECH to plan and set up the right infrastructure for its customers. To do so, WIZTECH deployed Equinix Metal™ and Equinix Fabric™ on Platform Equinix® for its customers to work on a highly available and low-latency digital architecture to accelerate their digital transformation journey.

“Interconnected services play a key role in delivering our solutions to customers seamlessly across different industries in the Asia-Pacific region. Equinix Fabric and Equinix Metal empower us to extend services beyond geographic boundaries, and our customers can enjoy future-proof digital infrastructure based on their actual business needs. As the digital wave is sweeping the world, we are delighted to collaborate with an innovative and reliable digital partner like Equinix to pave the way for our customers in their digital transformation journeys,” said Desmond, Managing Director of WIZTECH.

On-demand digital infrastructures to enable more business opportunities

With Equinix’s bare-metal-as-a-service (BMaaS) offerings, WIZTECH can implement applications anywhere in a matter of minutes through a collocated deployment on a single-tenant compute model in the Equinix International Business ExchangeTM (IBX®) data center. This enables WIZTECH to offer its customers an on-demand and flexible digital infrastructure solution that is scalable for businesses with different needs and circumstances.

Thanks to the software-defined interconnection service from Equinix Fabric that connects with 50+ metros globally, WIZTECH can now connect its own distributed infrastructure across its regional offices from one point to another directly at a software speed safely via the Platform Equinix. This fast and reliable connectivity has helped WIZTECH expand its market reach in the Asia-Pacific region effectively.

Looking ahead to 2022, on-demand services will be increasingly essential for every business and its end users. It will help companies monitor and gauge their digital investment to deliver an acceptable ROI to their end-users. Case in point, WIZTECH has simplified and improved hundreds of its customers’ interconnection with Platform Equinix, the industry’s largest infrastructure ecosystem and through automated provisioning of connections and APIs.

Fulfilling customer needs through Equinix’s future-ready digital infrastructures

Organizations nowadays are increasingly dependent on automation as they require a faster data delivery with greater accuracy, consistency and reliability. For example, one of WIZTECH’s customers is a leading content provider to the iGaming industry that offers digital gaming entertainment to its players. To deliver a world-class gaming experience, the company requires a high-performance and ultra-reliable connectivity that offers fast speed and high reliability. To do so, WIZTECH leveraged Equinix Metal with Equinix Fabric on Platform Equinix to create a rapid automated infrastructure and comprehensive network paired with robust APIs to deliver a smooth and exceptional gaming experience. As such, Equinix’s digital infrastructure solutions can benefit WIZTECH to provide world-leading and low-latency solutions for its customers that are scalable to meet future demands.

Transform your business with agility and speed, together with Equinix today

It has never been easy for digital leaders to innovate their existing business infrastructure. Equinix is proud to offer its on-demand and interconnection services to help digital leaders from anywhere to achieve their goals and transform their digital infrastructure effectively.

Only by offering flexible choices can we enable them to focus on what truly matters as they become their own particular version of a digital infrastructure company.


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