Equinix Launches MV1, the World’s First Metaverse Data Center

Bringing the latest in digital infrastructure services to customers at the virtual edge

Jim Poole
Equinix Launches MV1, the World’s First Metaverse Data Center

What if I told you that there was a new way to deploy the digital infrastructure your business needs, without ever leaving your couch? And what if it could help you get closer to end users while also taking advantage of a trillion-dollar yearly opportunity[1]? Do you want to know what it is?

Namely, it’s Equinix MV1, the very first data center in the metaverse.

Here at Equinix, we’re always looking for new ways to help our customers meet their digital infrastructure needs, even when it takes us to some unexpected places. It’s that spirit of exploration and innovation that led us to deploy the world’s first deep sea data center and the first railway exchange data centers. MV1 is the latest in a long tradition of “firsts”.

Why deploy a data center in the metaverse? For one, we’re following the data: with virtual real estate sales expected to top $1 billion this year[2] and major retailers like Walmart[3] and Forever 21[4] expanding into the space, it doesn’t take an Analyst[5] to see that the metaverse is the future of digital business. We’re building MV1 to help reach end users at virtual edge locations throughout the metaverse.

We’re dedicated to helping our customers build the distributed digital infrastructure they need to get closer to their end users, no matter where they might be. Since those end users will increasingly be found in the metaverse, the new MV1 data center was the next logical step for our company.” - Neo Wachowski, Senior Vice President for Virtual Reality, Equinix

The Data Center: Reloaded

Equinix has an established reputation for helping customers take advantage of virtual services: our Network Edge services allow customers to deploy virtual network functions from top providers without the high capital expenses and long turnaround times of physical deployments. Instead of merely appreciating the benefits of those virtual services in an abstract manner, the MV1 data center allows customers to experience them firsthand. Watch as our new Equinix Avatar Support Engineering (EASE) personnel assemble your new services from scratch in a matter of minutes.

Our Equinix Smart Hands® service has long provided round-the-clock on-site support for data center equipment, removing the need for customers to send technicians to perform management, installation and troubleshooting. However, with the metaverse making travel to your data center instantaneous, we’re now offering you a chance to get in on the fun. Try our new Smart Hands Challenge, where you can face off against an Equinix support hologram (courtesy of Picard Enterprises) in a unique gaming experience. Remotely power-cycle multiple servers faster than the Emmet hologram, and you’ll win a stylish “Faster than the speed of light” virtual T-shirt, which is sure to be the envy of all your virtual friends.

Win enough games, and you can trade your winnings for EQIXCoin, our new virtual currency. EQIXCoin can be used to pay for data center services just like traditional currency, but with a much more flexible rate!

Ready MV1?

The MV1 data center will be conveniently located in the OASIS[6], across the street from the virtual post office and adjacent to the Museum of Second Life History. However, if this location isn’t convenient for you, simply ask, and we’ll change it!

When you’re in the neighborhood, don’t forget to stop in at the MV1 Lounge. The Lounge is your chance to meet and greet with Equinix EASE personnel and fellow customers alike. For all you animal lovers, don’t forget to stop and pet TONI, our very own patent-pending tiger simulation algorithm. Why put a pet tiger in a data center? In the metaverse, the better question is “Why not?”

“When you no longer have to worry about the constraints of physical time and space, it really opens up new opportunities to serve customers better. Whatever you want out of your data center experience, MV1 gives us the power to make it happen with a few simple keystrokes. We’re not even worried whether or not it makes sense!” - Artemis Cline, Director of Simulated Business Development, Equinix

The MV1 Lounge offers vending machines and a coffee bar where you can purchase virtual food and beverages. (EQIXCoin proudly accepted.) Or, if you’re in the mood for something a little fancier, why not try our virtual chef demonstration? In partnership with Gregarious Technologies, we built Equinix Virtual Chef based on machine learning algorithms hosted at MV1. Over time, we’ve perfected the algorithm to create the most delicious virtual meal you—or anyone else—has ever tasted. (Warning: Equinix is not responsible for any sense of existential dread you may experience as a result of realizing the steak you’re eating doesn’t exist. Also, TONI is a carnivore, so don’t leave your steak unattended around her!)

The flexibility of the metaverse means that the MV1 data center can be available whenever and whenever you need it. Just say the word, and we will “make it so.”

For now, we’ll leave you with this thought: the best jokes all have a kernel of truth to them. Equinix may not actually be deploying a metaverse data center any time soon, but we believe our approach to virtually deploying distributed infrastructure across digital core, edge and ecosystem locations could help overcome some of the technical challenges involved with taking the metaverse mainstream. Read our Making the Metaverse blog to learn more, and Happy April Fools’ Day!



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