How Equinix and Verizon Power Digital Ecosystems in Los Angeles

Equinix Fabric and Verizon integrated network services deliver connectivity to LA metro businesses, accelerating digital transformation

Shelly Greco
Chris Campbell
How Equinix and Verizon Power Digital Ecosystems in Los Angeles

Today, the new normal is constantly changing as the world gets more connected and businesses capitalize on new opportunities as they present themselves. This creates new challenges for IT organizations across the globe, including:

  • Enabling employee, customer and partner access to applications on-demand.
  • Streamlining internal and external business processes.
  • Working more efficiently within evolving ecosystems.
  • Leveraging new technologies in networking and the cloud.

Though these are all global trends, we see the expanding Los Angeles (LA) metro area as a vibrant microcosm, where industry sectors such as financial services, digital media and entertainment, manufacturing, and healthcare are rapidly growing. But regardless of where you do business—in LA or around the world—embracing more connected business models to prepare for a more connected future is key.

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What businesses need to get more connected

Today’s businesses are all in some stage of digital and business transformation. And as they progress on this journey, connectivity increases in importance, requiring them to:

  • Optimize their network to support new connectivity requirements and expanding digital and business ecosystems.
  • Simplify their cloud strategy to make it easier to connect with cloud service providers (CSPs) and software providers.
  • Localize their digital traffic to lower the latency for higher performance and a better user experience.

Equinix and Verizon deliver the platform required for digital and business transformation

Equinix and Verizon have been strategic partners for over a decade, helping hundreds of companies to navigate their digital and business transformation.

Today, Equinix delivers Platform Equinix® for businesses to advance their transformation, including offering the most cloud on-ramps for cloud and SaaS provider connectivity in more than 230 global Equinix IBX® data centers. With Equinix Fabric™ and Verizon integrated network services, such as Software Defined Interconnect (SDI), businesses can directly and securely connect to hundreds of leading cloud and SaaS companies, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud and Google Cloud Services.

Today, Verizon enables a Network as a Service (NaaS) foundation which extends to Equinix customers in thriving metros such as Los Angeles, including secure, resilient networks and dedicated carrier-grade connectivity with Verizon’s network.

Delivering robust infrastructure to support local industries

Verizon enables fast and safe connectivity to the cloud. Working with Equinix simplifies cloud migrations for enterprises. Together we enable companies to implement new hybrid cloud strategies and gain the quick access to multicloud ecosystems needed to innovate and meet market demands.

The combination of Verizon’s leading network and the rich digital ecosystems on Platform Equinix benefits regional and multinational customers doing business in the LA metro:

  • Advertising Technology: Increased access to the Equinix Advertising Exchange (Ad-IX) online advertising ecosystem can help ad content providers on the Verizon network find the right partners and quickly deliver relevant ads across Verizon’s 140 million-plus mobile subscriber base.
  • Financial Services: In a world where milliseconds count, securities exchanges depend on Equinix to provide low-latency interconnection to Verizon high-speed networks to connect buyers and sellers.
  • Consumer Content and Digital Media: Services such as Netflix, Uber and Airbnb depend on reliable software-defined interconnection from Equinix to Verizon networks to access highly distributed systems with interrelated customer databases, digital payment processing and business logic.

The power of 5G and MEC computing

Verizon connects its global, fiber optic backbone network to reach Platform Equinix worldwide. This includes the capability to leverage 5G Ultra-Wideband and MEC capabilities in many locations.

This brings power and performance comparable to a private enterprise network connection to mobile and fixed wireless devices, including download speeds up to one gigabit per second. It allows connections through the fiber backbone to reach any business on Platform Equinix, including hyperscalers, cloud providers and ecosystem partners—providing the foundation for a mobile edge computing (MEC) platform.

MEC enables the possibility of the real-time enterprise by empowering a fully integrated network and computing environment and providing the ability to perform data analytics locally. MEC enables support with consistently low latency for workloads and applications along with data and application sovereignty to support security and compliance requirements.

Equinix and Verizon digitize Los Angeles-based financial services institutions

Some financial service companies have totally refined the mortgage process by automating all aspects of the lending and deal closing process with digital connections through Verizon on Platform Equinix. Others have digitized and streamlined commercial real estate processes, including accelerating secure access to applications in the cloud with property information and documents required for real-time collaboration and expediting closures. Lastly, many other lenders and title companies already on Platform Equinix are interconnecting to the primary lenders and loan servicers for a complete, end-to-end digital process for both commercial and residential markets.

With improved support for data and applications on Platform Equinix, financial services transactions can be seamlessly executed and enhanced with Verizon’s 5G user experience. Multi-party teams now have uniform, low-latency access to clouds, data, real-time collaboration, AI-assisted analytics on property characteristics and market valuations via a comprehensive, easy-to use dashboard on mobile and desktop devices. Mortgage lenders and servicers can harness a frictionless, end-to-end process enhanced by 5G, advancing the industry’s ability to create new products and services for rapid growth and innovation.

Recognizing the need to digitize an industry traditionally known for mountains of paperwork and long transaction times, a Los Angeles-based financial services leader in real estate and insurance turned to Equinix and Verizon. Together, the companies delivered a new network architecture, transitioning the financial firm from a centralized hub-and-spoke configuration to a network of distributed data hubs adjacent to the cloud edge for a consistent, real-time experience anywhere. This digital infrastructure was easily placed on a public and private IP network with Verizon, which is interconnected with Equinix Fabric. The hybrid multicloud architecture lowered network latency for higher application performance and a better user experience by leveraging Verizon’s flexible, programmable, scalable, and reliable Network as a Service foundation and Equinix Fabric software-defined interconnection.

This combination of services supports the unpredictable demands of today’s data traffic and connects dispersed partner ecosystems and customers across the commercial and residential real estate landscape. The result is the delivery of consistent, low latency transactions across the customer’s connected infrastructure no matter where its users are located.

Connecting to new customers with Equinix and Verizon

Inside Equinix LA IBX data centers with Verizon network services, companies of any size can

  • Connect with more than 240,000 businesses in all business sectors including manufacturing, biotech, aerospace, and Fintech.
  • Access one of the most significant Content and Digital Media (CDM) ecosystems in the U.S.
  • Harness subsea cable systems as a key gateway to APAC.
  • Participate in one of the nation’s top international trade centers.

Regional and multinational companies from all industries are meeting up with each other, and their customers, on Platform Equinix and the NaaS foundation from Verizon to simplify their cloud strategy, expand ecosystems, and optimize their network by localizing their traffic for lower latency and higher performance.

The Verizon network services platform with Equinix creates a scalable, flexible, secure and intelligent solution that enables our customers to navigate their digital and business transformation, reduce complexity and enable them to better serve their customers. To find out why businesses are deploying digital infrastructure in our Los Angeles data centers, read the Why Choose LA Data Centers? datasheet.

To learn more about the Equinix and Verizon partnership, view this video with Jennifer Artley, SVP of Strategic Initiatives, Verizon Business.


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