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Sharpening the Edge

Insights from HPE’s EVP of GreenLake Cloud Services

Karl Strohmeyer
Sharpening the Edge

As organizations enhance the services they deliver and the value those services create, data generation and cloud evolution both play an increasingly critical role. Where is data coming from? What’s the most efficient way to make use of it? And what role do cloud architectures play in that process? These are key questions asked by business and IT leaders alike in nearly every industry.

That’s why edge computing—including smart sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, operational technology (OT) of many types, and the tsunami of new data they all yield—has taken on new importance. Bridging the gap between the edge and the cloud in the most effective fashion, to maximize the value customers need most, is now a major goal for many organizations.

HPE transforms for the hybrid world

See how the company paved the way for a hybrid-driven future while enabling customer sustainability goals.

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Digital Leaders Series

Equinix customers are some of the most innovative and influential companies in the world. They are meeting the demands of rapid digital transformation across every industry, in every region of the globe. Thanks to our partnerships with them, we have a unique opportunity to bring their success stories to you. We call this the Digital Leaders Series.

In the latest entry of the series, I sat down with Keith White, the Executive Vice President and General Manager of GreenLake Cloud Services and Commercial Business at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), to learn more about HPE’s perspective on cloud and edge computing.

Here is what I learned.

Edge computing is defined by data: While different companies define the edge in different ways, what’s nearly always true is that the edge is where the largest volumes of new data, and wholly new classes of data, are generated.

Simplicity is a transformative metric: As technical infrastructures, including clouds, get larger, it becomes more important to strive for simple elegance in managing them. Solutions that do more, in clear and straightforward ways, are the goal.

Network infrastructure is foundational: Networks are the nervous system of service delivery. It’s essential to design and implement them right from the start, taking into account key considerations like performance, stability, flexibility, and resiliency.

Collaboration is key: Even an organization as established as HPE, with its vast product portfolio, knows its customers usually want them to partner with other major players such as Equinix to develop a truly tailored, optimized solution.

I invite you to join Keith and me to learn more about HPE’s digital transformation in this first segment of the full video:

The biggest thing for me has been the explosion of data—what people can do to get their arms around the data, then turn it into insights and make decisions and actually run the business for them.” – Keith White, Executive Vice President and General Manager of GreenLake Cloud Services and Commercial Business at HPE

The Equinix Digital Leader Series is an opportunity to use the power of customer stories to showcase the digital transformation happening all around us. By connecting with our customers and partners to help tell their stories, we are helping others shape their own digital transformations. Through meaningful and candid conversations, we are sharing the positives and pitfalls that customers may be experiencing in their own journeys.

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