Equinix Simplifies Connectivity to Google Cloud with Quick Connect

Hybrid multicloud just got easier—create secure, direct network connections in a few clicks

Melissa Cotton
Equinix Simplifies Connectivity to Google Cloud with Quick Connect

About this same time last year, I wrote about how Equinix had partnered with Google Cloud to make databases work anywhere. Our joint hybrid-cloud connectivity solution makes it faster and easier to connect applications and databases, maximizing existing database investments while helping enterprises modernize their applications. Fast-forward to today: recent studies confirm that hybrid multicloud continues to be a priority as a crucial component of digital transformation initiatives.

According to the Global Interconnection Index (GXI) 2023 market study published by Equinix, 85% of global companies will expand multicloud access across several regions by 2025. Speed and agility are a key part of any multicloud strategy, which is why we’re pleased to announce that it’s now even easier for enterprises to connect to Google Cloud from the Equinix Fabric™ portal by using Quick Connect to Google Cloud Platform.

Available in beta, Quick Connect allows you to create a Layer 2 connection directly in the Equinix Fabric portal—without logging in to Google Cloud Platform to create a Google service key. You no longer need to toggle between the Equinix Fabric portal and the Google Cloud Platform portal. The single pane of glass provisioning of Quick Connect requires fewer steps and offers the flexibility to make changes during the configuration process.

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In many of today’s use cases, cloud adjacency is the new on-premises strategy. Enterprises can store their databases in close proximity to where they run workloads and use secure, high-speed network connections for top performance and service delivery. Let’s explore a few use cases of how enterprises in various industries are using Equinix Fabric, our software-defined interconnection solution, to seamlessly connect their on-premises database environments, such as Oracle Exadata, to their modern application environments running in Google Cloud. While these use cases were completed successfully, using Quick Connect to Google Cloud Platform in the future will streamline the configuration process of making these network connections.

Bank collaborates with Equinix and partners to deploy hybrid cloud solution

A large national bank needed a database platform to enable payment application migration to the cloud at scale while ensuring compliance with complex and always-changing banking regulations. The payment applications running in Google Cloud had to be in proximity to the bank’s Oracle database, which was stored on-premises in an Exadata Cloud@Customer environment.

The bank’s partners, including Equinix, designed a hybrid cloud infrastructure to deploy the bank’s Oracle database on Exadata Cloud@Customer in an Equinix IBX® colocation facility. Then, the bank used Equinix Fabric to connect the database to its applications running on Google Cloud. This solution maintained full performance and features, scalability and support.

Leading freight transportation provider begins digital transformation journey in the cloud

A freight transportation provider needed to better serve its customers, who were experiencing an increasingly unpredictable marketplace filled with constraints, volatility, and rising demand across the supply chain. The company needed to convert to a cloud-based operating model to build in resilience and reliability while transforming its supply chain management practices.

The first step in this multi-faceted solution was to position its database deployment on Exadata Cloud@Customer in an Equinix IBX colocation facility adjacent to Google Cloud. Equinix Fabric provided seamless interconnection between its cloud services and hardware with high reliability, low latency, security and scalability. The company has also migrated and modernized their logistics applications to run in Google Cloud.

Payment technology provider delivers fast, reliable and secure card payments to businesses

To deliver card processing services to businesses faster than the existing industry average, Dojo required a colocation and digital infrastructure platform partner that could provide the security and fast interconnection required for a scalable, high-performance and redundant hybrid multicloud environment.

Dojo built a resilient and secure hybrid multicloud infrastructure on Platform Equinix with Oracle Cloud, AWS and Google Cloud to speed digital payment processing and authorization to its customers. Dojo securely connected to private cloud on-ramps via Equinix Fabric with high-speed, single-digit latency to accelerate customer payment processing and authorization—without going over the public internet.

Equinix and Google Cloud make it easier to get necessary bandwidth

According to the 2022 Global Tech Trends Survey from Equinix, 38% of IT leaders reported that they were deploying cloud services via a hybrid cloud model, making it the most common deployment approach across the globe. Together, Equinix and Google Cloud are making hybrid multicloud deployments more accessible for our joint customers. Equinix metros are currently home to 45% of Google Cloud on-ramps and account for 22 out of 32 low-latency Google Cloud Interconnect (GCI) locations. In other metros Equinix customers can use a physical cross connect to connect to Google Cloud and other cloud providers.

Google Cloud Interconnect Deployments on Platform Equinix

Equinix and Google Cloud are continuously innovating together to deliver more to our customers. Simplifying access to Google Cloud with dedicated, private and secure interconnection is an example of the latest collaboration between our two companies. One of our customers shared that using the Quick Connect to Google Cloud Platform feature in Equinix Fabric is like “Dev Ops for networking.”

Get started today with our 30-day free trial of Equinix and Google Cloud. If you’re already a customer, check out our developer documentation to see how easy it is to get started with the new Quick Connect feature.

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