Simplify Network Management With Equinix and Google Cloud

Access private, secure and dedicated connectivity with Equinix interconnection services in the Google Cloud Network Connectivity Center

Melissa Cotton
Simplify Network Management With Equinix and Google Cloud

Today, most enterprises run on-premises and cloud infrastructure that includes one or more cloud providers across multiple geographies. Network management can quickly get complicated in hybrid multicloud environments, especially when managing hundreds, or even thousands, of public and private connections across multiple locations. This is true especially for large enterprises with a variety of connectivity requirements including public and private cloud and virtual and physical connections. They need a centralized mechanism for building out hybrid multicloud networking that is faster, easier to deploy and more secure.

Through our partnership with Google Cloud and its Network Connectivity Center (NCC), Equinix customers can use a simple hub-and-spoke connectivity model to manage global networks. This includes accessing private, secure and dedicated connectivity by deploying Equinix interconnection services, such as Equinix Fabric® and cross connects, directly from the NCC.

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The Google Cloud NCC provides small and large businesses across all verticals with a single place to manage complex network connectivity challenges and integrate multi-vendor solutions globally. Simplified on-premises and cloud networking ensures access to workloads, applications and data from anywhere for Google Cloud-only enterprise customers and for companies that are using multiple public clouds including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Alibaba and others. In fact, it’s the only cloud product that allows data transfers between sites outside of Google Cloud, making it truly cloud agnostic. The connectivity extends to data centers, including physical on-premises locations, and distributed branch locations, whether local, regional or global.

Centralizing public and private connectivity seamlessly

The Equinix and Google Cloud partnership makes it easier for businesses to address the hybrid multicloud networking challenges described in these use cases:

  • Retail businesses and healthcare organizations need a simplified way to connect hundreds or even thousands of retail stores and physician offices, to provide access to applications, workloads and data. They can do so with public connectivity and multiple private data centers over dedicated and secure private connectivity with Equinix interconnection services deployed right from the Network Connectivity Center.
  • Service providers need to enable private connectivity for customers and partners, allowing access to private services that may be hosted on other platforms such as Platform Equinix®. They can provide flexible site and cloud connectivity at global scale from the NCC using a combination of dedicated and partner interconnect, VPN or SDN/router appliances to achieve a pure dynamic routing architecture for corporate networks.
  • Global enterprises need the capability to connect locations for burst and low-volume traffic. The cost-effective options in the NCC remove the barriers to connecting specific locations, while providing an alternative solution for redundancy. Depending on data usage, Equinix Fabric can be complementary to the NCC, such as when customers have continuous traffic with high data volume.

Simplifying network management and interconnection services

Businesses can leverage the NCC to manage their entire network environment in a consistent manner. As the leading Google Cloud Interconnect partner, Equinix connects more workloads and customers to Google Cloud (and all other public cloud providers) than any other company. We help businesses connect their private and public clouds securely with Equinix interconnection services. Customers can interconnect via dedicated physical cross connects or Equinix Fabric virtual connections. Also, Equinix solutions are compatible with the other vendor solutions that the NCC uses, which makes integration seamless.

Google Cloud Interconnect Deployments on Platform Equinix

We invite you to check out our 30-day Free Trial of Google Cloud and Equinix Fabric to experience how this partnership can simplify your hybrid multicloud network management.

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