3 Key Benefits for Reinventing Global Supply Chains Digitally and Sustainably

HPE GreenLake on Platform Equinix® delivers future-proof digital infrastructure for resilient supply chains

Sophie Ben Sadia
Mohan Krishnan
3 Key Benefits for Reinventing Global Supply Chains Digitally and Sustainably

Modern enterprises today deal with unprecedented pitfalls resulting from sudden supply chain disruptions, rising energy costs and uncertainties caused by a turbulent global environment. Industries have come to realize the value of integrated and digitally connected supply chains that are tapped into a wider ecosystem. Amid the pandemic, digital leaders thrived over their offline counterparts and they continue to do so amidst increasing trade tensions and friction in global business.

Business executives around the world are increasingly attentive to the importance of being digital-first and integrating sustainability into their overall business strategy. According to the Equinix 2022 Global Tech Trends Survey (GTTS), 55% of global IT decision-makers state that they face challenges meeting environmental sustainability targets, 59% are dealing with the effects of global supply chain disruptions and 78% are looking to move their IT infrastructure to the digital edge. Digitalization is no longer just an optional competitive advantage, but an absolute must for businesses looking to be sustainable and remain relevant in their respective industries.

Equinix’s robust digital services, along with the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform, are uniquely positioned to interconnect enterprises and critical assets as businesses embark on their digital transformation journey.

How HPE GreenLake with Equinix can speed your transformation, sustainably

Learn how HPE GreenLake and Equinix colocation services can power your sustainable IT initiatives.

HPE GreenLake with Equinix

Benefits Realized Through Supply Chain Digitalization

Digital transformation requires an accompanying data infrastructure that is future-proof and able to support current and future workloads while providing supply chains with a great degree of flexibility. Enterprises can achieve three key benefits when transitioning to a digital supply chain.

  1. Digitally enabled partnerships: Collaboration through a neutral interconnected platform creates end-to-end visibility between enterprises and their suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and customers. Organizations can manage and control their own data assets to operate optimally while maintaining security and control across a digital ecosystem when interacting.
  2. Green efficiency: Seamless interconnection running on a sustainable data infrastructure can reduce Scope 3 emissions, the most elusive sustainability goal for enterprises to effectively achieve. Enterprises can further cut down excess energy consumption by operating their digital supply chains through a ‘Goldilocks’ approach where on-demand service models provide network resources tailored to perfectly fit consumption needs.
  3. Reconfigured for resilience: Hybrid multicloud data infrastructure creates a plug-and-play ecosystem that allows operations to be migrated elsewhere at speed, either to mitigate the risk of a disruption event or to facilitate expansion and growth. This offers flexibility for organizations and their partners to pivot when encountering evolving circumstances to protect operations and maintain undisrupted service.

Driven by a mutual vision for sustainability, Equinix and HPE partner to create the digital foundation for supply chains while bringing them closer to achieving their environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspirations.

Meeting Sustainability and Digitalization Commitments Through Interconnection

To effectively strengthen sustainability with a digital approach, Equinix and HPE created a collaborative ecosystem built on sustainable digital infrastructure, integrated with asset management services that support a circular economy. Enterprises looking to transition from on-premises operation models to hybrid multicloud architecture will have access to edge-to-cloud interconnection with renewable energy coverage and sustainable operations. Collocating the HPE GreenLake platform, including any of its 80 cloud services, within Equinix’s global network of International Business ExchangeTM (IBX®) data centers facilitates interconnection between enterprises and their partners in the ecosystem, allowing for rapid scaling, reduction of investments and greater control over cost, capacity and environmental compliance. Organizations can capture value by using HPE GreenLake and HPE data center facility and networking services to design and manage their own colocated data center environment entirely on Platform Equinix.

Both Equinix and HPE are no strangers to being the first to embark on the journey towards sustainability and climate neutrality. Equinix is the first in the data center industry to set a goal to be global climate neutral by 2030 commitment aligned with science-based targets. Equinix’s renewable energy coverage has been over 90% globally since 2018, and they have also achieved a leadership level CDP score of A or A- for two years consecutively, demonstrating the company’s environmental disclosure and performance. HPE holds over 6,000 patents for low-carbon applications and was granted numerous industry leadership and trust accolades for ethics and sustainability, notably by the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and Ethisphere World’s Most Ethical Companies. Enterprises looking to fulfil their sustainability obligations can also leverage the Green Power Report from Equinix and the HPE Circular Economy report to provide transparent reporting to help meet their regulatory and compliance requirements.

Green Digital Infrastructure Powers the Engine of Digital Supply Chains

By utilizing HPE GreenLake via Platform Equinix, enterprises will be able to accelerate their digital transformation journeys while enhancing customer responsiveness through superior interconnectivity. Existing, overprovisioned assets can be streamlined to meet actual consumption and reduce upkeep expenses while boosting progress towards sustainability targets. Excess IT assets are refurbished responsibly through HPE’s vendor-agnostic asset management solutions, which evaluate the potential of upcycling present IT assets to capture residual value while minimizing waste. Benefits include a reduced carbon footprint through the elimination of under-utilized IT investments, reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) for the infrastructure of up to 45% and lowered operational costs of up to 65% when adopting the HPE GreenLake pay-per-use cloud services model.

By ensuring the proper handling of end-of-life IT assets, the joint solution by Equinix and HPE also helps enterprises contribute to the circular economy. This approach helps drive more effective use of energy and materials and enables customers to manage their IT assets in a secure, compliant and environmentally responsible manner. HPE has committed to refurbishing and remarketing 90% of recovered equipment, with the remaining 10% safely and responsibly recycled.

Progress Towards Digitalization and Sustainability Go Hand in Hand

Sustainability is increasingly vital to multinational enterprises, where both consumers and governments are calling for transparency and consistency in sustainability reporting. It is becoming apparent that businesses must adopt a digital strategy that delivers on operational objectives while improving sustainability metrics for all stakeholders involved. This results in an emphasis on the delivery of IT infrastructure assets in closer proximity to its users at the edge to streamline operations while cutting down on excess use of energy and hardware resources.

With Equinix and HPE GreenLake, new business potential can be unlocked on the frontiers of interconnection, backed by proven methods that accelerate progress towards sustainability and digitalization.

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