Establishing a Collaborative Digital Foundation for Effective Hybrid Work

Equinix and Cisco facilitate unified communications between globally distributed teams and partners

Thomas Lee
Samuel Liu
Establishing a Collaborative Digital Foundation for Effective Hybrid Work

Digital leaders recognize that the adoption of hybrid working should not result in compromises for security, productivity and collaboration. A recent research report from McKinsey suggests that 58% of corporate executives claim that productivity increased under hybrid working configurations with employee engagement rising up to 45%.[1]  Enterprises experiencing improved productivity from hybrid working are increasingly turning towards digital solutions to ensure that their employees have the necessary tools needed to collaborate and operate effectively between on-site and virtual environments. As hybrid and remote working evolves into a permanent fixture in many successful organizational cultures, it’s vital for organizations to continue exploring the impact digital solutions have on accelerating global enterprise-level collaboration securely.

Worldwide receptiveness of hybrid working has driven the demand for foundational digital infrastructure and software-defined networking solutions that enable seamless digital experiences. Organizational adoption of unified communications and collaboration solutions are revealing the importance of choosing the right platforms and service providers to properly deploy and connect enterprises with their employees and partners. Digital infrastructure solutions and cloud-based– applications offering high-speed, low-latency private interconnection at the edge is critical for businesses to reduce their dependence on public internet networks and boost their digital security and productivity at reduced costs.

Equinix and Cisco enable a framework of agile and unified collaboration

Understanding the demand stemming from companies and their remote employees for high-performance, secure connectivity, Equinix and Cisco created Webex Edge Connect as a collaborative communications solution that allows its users to securely conduct meetings regardless of their location. Users can reliably connect to the global Webex backbone through Equinix Fabric®, bypassing the use of public internet through a dedicated, private connection that ensures optimal performance and security for quality video and voice conferencing. On-site and remote teams can participate and meet virtually from any device and location without worrying about network performance issues, particularly important for distributed teams that require a frequent basis of collaboration.

Growing instances of cybersecurity threats targeting enterprises has prompted the need for advanced encryption and security protocols to guarantee the protection of data transmissions from potential threats and attacks, keeping sensitive information secure. Enterprises that deal with and share private and confidential information can leverage Webex Edge Connect to maintain uncompromised security of shared data when collaborating with teams or partners within an interconnected ecosystem. Users can count on end-to-end encryption, verified identity, lobby controls and visual security indicators like encryption badges for external users. Both internal and third-party participants can engage in frictionless collaboration, calls, meetings and private messaging that is protected and comprehensively secure. Webex Edge Connect provides certified digital services that can be utilized by governments and regulated industries with confidence to deliver service that meets strict regulations for security and privacy.

The shift towards remote and hybrid working continues to accelerate, prompting enterprises to implement relevant digital transformation strategies and collaboration solutions to remain competitive. While many organizations intend to move their operations to the cloud, they need assurance that the cloud solution they select will offer the security features and collaboration tools to migrate confidently onto a new network platform. Software solutions like Webex Edge Connect enable the collaborative digital experiences on a comprehensive platform needed to enhance productivity in a low-latency environment that is accessible anywhere in the world. Through Equinix’s interconnected ecosystem, enterprises and their members can operate at scale, closer to the edge with their customers and partners in an environment of normalized hybrid and remote working.

Watch this TechUP webinar to learn more about how Equinix and Cisco can create a unified communications framework for your employees and customers to facilitate global collaboration in a hybrid working environment.


Thomas Lee Senior Product Manager, Network Edge Services
Samuel Liu Principal Product Manager
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