Deploy Your Hybrid Multicloud Architecture Quickly and Confidently

Oracle and Equinix partner to offer enterprises a new state-of-the-art solution for hybrid and multicloud testing and validation

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Deploy Your Hybrid Multicloud Architecture Quickly and Confidently

In today’s complex, fast-moving digital economy, all organizations can benefit from adopting a hybrid cloud or multicloud IT architecture. And hybrid multicloud is a particularly good fit for businesses that face challenges related to performance, security or data sovereignty.

For these businesses, getting the right mix of on-premises infrastructure and cloud services from multiple vendors is key, but determining exactly what that mix should look like isn’t always straightforward. Businesses need to be able to test their hybrid cloud or multicloud environments thoroughly before investing the time and resources needed to put them into production.

To help make it easier for businesses to test their hybrid cloud and multicloud architectures under real-world conditions, we are proud to announce that the Oracle Solution Center (OSC) is now available in the Equinix IBX® data center in Ashburn, Virginia. This latest step in the partnership between our two companies is a first-of-its-kind industry solution that allows current and future customers to test and validate hybrid cloud and multicloud workloads at any scale.

The Oracle Solution Center already hosts several thousand customer engagements every year, with each customer gaining access to a broad array of Oracle subject matter experts, state-of-the-art systems and technology, and a broad partner ecosystem of network service providers, managed service providers, systems integrators and more. Thanks to this announcement, it is now easier than ever for customers to gain access to the many benefits of an OSC engagement, while also capitalizing on Equinix’s global colocation footprint and leading digital infrastructure services.

See the benefits of cloud adjacency firsthand with Oracle Solution Center at Equinix

A cloud-adjacent architecture can help optimize your hybrid cloud and multicloud environments, and an Equinix IBX colocation data center is a great place to deploy your cloud-adjacent architecture. Customers can deploy workloads with special data sovereignty or security requirements on-premises at the IBX data center, using either colocation services or Equinix Metal®, our Bare Metal as a Service solution. In the case of an Oracle hybrid cloud deployment, the on-premises component could be an Oracle Exadata or Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer database environment.

Equinix can also meet the performance requirements of hybrid cloud workloads because our data centers are available wherever customers need them most. In fact, Platform Equinix® currently includes 240+ data centers spread across 70+ global metros.

In addition, Equinix data centers are highly interconnected. Equinix Fabric®, our software-defined interconnection solution, provides a Layer 2 backbone network connecting most Equinix IBX sites throughout the world. This allows customers to start from one IBX location and then interconnect their workloads and applications across the globe. For instance, Equinix customers could deploy their on-premises infrastructure at the Equinix Ashburn campus and then, in a matter of minutes, create low-latency virtual connections to cloud services located wherever their business needs take them.

Equinix also hosts more cloud on-ramps than any other digital infrastructure company. Whatever combination of cloud services that Oracle customers need—from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and various other cloud hyperscalers—establishing a presence at an IBX data center can help them get it while also ensuring low latency. Equinix services can move data between on-premises and cloud environments and also support cloud-to-cloud routing, so that the right data sets are always in the right place for the workloads that need them.

Oracle hybrid cloud database on Platform Equinix

Equinix and Oracle: A tradition of partnering for better customer results

The launch of OSC at the Equinix IBX Ashburn site is just the latest in a long line of fruitful efforts in the partnership between Equinix and Oracle. Other examples include:

  • Performance benchmark: A combined Equinix-Oracle team conducted a benchmark for a simulated database backup to an OCI Object Storage service. The benchmark confirmed that OCI FastConnect via Equinix Fabric provides significantly higher performance than the public internet, across a wide range of different packet delivery classes and simulated latency levels.
  • Encryption on a global scale: Equinix and Oracle partnered to test and document a solution that allows customers to use MACsec encryption for data moving to the cloud. Equinix Fabric customers are able to extend a dedicated connection from their starting metro to any other Equinix Fabric metro. As a result, they can take their encryption capabilities global, without having to sacrifice performance or flexibility.

Case study: Large Systems Integrator

Most recently, a combined team from Oracle and Equinix worked within the Oracle Solution Center to design and test an optimized distributed cloud architecture on behalf of a joint customer and large Systems Integrator. This customer is responsible for hosting a high-throughput online transaction processing (OLTP) application. The OLTP application needed a cloud architecture capable of meeting sub-millisecond latency requirements.

The combined team designed a hybrid cloud environment that included a hosted Exadata database at the Equinix Ashburn site, connected to an OCI cloud environment via Equinix Fabric interconnection capabilities and network infrastructure from Juniper. The proof of concept found that latency between the on-premises Exadata database and applications running in the OCI Cloud averaged between .6 and .8 ms. These results allowed the Systems Integrator to feel confident that the hybrid cloud architecture could provide the stable, consistent performance its application needed.

For more details about this customer success story, read the full technical case study.

Learn what Oracle Solution Center at Equinix IBX Ashburn can do for you

The new OSC at Equinix Ashburn makes it easier to get what you need from your hybrid multicloud environment, whether it is data management and security, performance, scalability, flexibility or all of the above. In addition, the test capabilities help you make decisions quickly and confidently. This is why we believe that OSC at Equinix IBX Ashburn represents the new state-of-the-art solution for hybrid cloud and multicloud validation.

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