Accelerate Storage as a Service with Equinix Metal and Pure Storage

Our partnership with Pure Storage helps customers deploy high-performance storage services quickly

Gabriel Chapman
Accelerate Storage as a Service with Equinix Metal and Pure Storage

Bare Metal as a Service (BMaaS) is an operational model that allows customers to rapidly deploy digital infrastructure to meet the growing demands of modern applications and support their digital transformation strategies. BMaaS offers customers a cloud-like experience while also giving them greater choice and control than they can get from the traditional cloud computing model of shared infrastructure.

With direct access to an API-driven digital infrastructure platform, customers can deploy their hardware and software where and how they want, while shifting to an OPEX consumption model that can provide scalability, security and agility. For this reason, BMaaS may be a better option to support certain workloads than the public cloud, although many organizations would benefit from using both BMaaS and public cloud in their infrastructure stack.

Now, thanks to a new promo from Equinix, it’s more cost-effective than ever before for customers to start using BMaaS to meet their data storage needs.

A quicker and easier way to deploy cloud-adjacent storage

Equinix Metal®, our Bare Metal as a Service solution, provides control and low-latency connections to users at the digital edge. Customers can use Equinix Metal to connect in three different ways, as shown in the graphic below: bare metal to cloud, bare metal to colocation and bare metal to internet. It’s an ideal solution for digital businesses seeking to expand their global reach with a unified cloud and edge strategy without disrupting their business.

When it comes to storage and data in a BMaaS scenario, customers have multiple options to support their persistent and ephemeral storage needs. While a do-it-yourself methodology has shown to be successful in some cases, it can also place an additional burden on customers. These customers may find it difficult to access enterprise-class storage features that offer deeper integration into their application stack. They’ll also need a full set of enterprise-class data management features to ensure greater control over their data needs and requirements.

Pure Storage on Equinix Metal launched in March 2021 to offer our joint customers an easier way to get the advanced storage capabilities they need. Equinix manages the bare metal hardware while Pure supplies its entire portfolio of market-leading data storage solutions, including FlashArray, FlashBlade and Portworx. Together, we provide block, file, object and container storage via an automated, managed Storage as a Service offering with an OPEX consumption model.

The solution builds upon Equinix-supported compute and networking infrastructure and Equinix Fabric®, our software-defined interconnection service. With Equinix Fabric, customers can create virtual connections in minutes to reach the public cloud providers of their choice and the services they use to increase agility and flexibility.

Deploying storage services in a BMaaS environment is one simple way for customers to create a cloud-adjacent architecture. With cloud-adjacent storage, organizations can keep their data near the cloud without having to store it in the cloud. This means that they can easily move data into the cloud on demand to take advantage of cloud services without risking high data egress fees or vendor lock-in. We believe that cloud adjacency can help solve the hybrid multicloud data problem and put businesses in a position to take full advantage of everything a hybrid multicloud environment has to offer.

Learn what Pure Storage on Equinix Metal can do for you

Since its launch, customer demand has continued to grow for this joint platform offering. To match that demand, we are ramping up our expansion efforts to support our global customer base. With only a few days’ notice, we can help our customers deploy Pure Storage systems into Equinix IBX® data centers in Frankfurt, Silicon Valley, Ashburn, Amsterdam and Singapore, and then rapidly scale those systems to keep up with growing demand. Including these instant availability locations, Pure Storage on Equinix Metal is available in 24+ metros throughout the world, with additional locations coming soon.

Starting now, customers that are looking to enhance their data storage capabilities will be able to take advantage of a special incentive offer that provides the first three months of Pure Storage on Equinix Metal free with a one-year commitment.[1]

Whether you’re looking to deploy a private cloud, support backup and disaster recovery efforts, or take advantage of a multicloud-adjacent data strategy, Pure Storage on Equinix Metal can help. You’ll be able to create a pathway to rich data services in a globally available, secure, agile single-tenant environment. Visit our Pure Storage page to learn more, or contact your local Pure Storage or Equinix representative to get started today.


[1] Three-Month Free Promo is available for all storage tiers in all Equinix Metal metros—not limited to “Instant Availability” locations. Net-new customers only. Pre-stocked arrays are available for the //Block – Performance tier only. All other tiers will follow normal delivery timelines.

 12-month term required. Minimum capacity requirements apply:

  • 50 TiB for //Block – Performance, //Block – Premium, and //Block – Ultra
  • 75 TiB for //UFFO
  • 200 TiB for //Block – Capacity

Up to the contracted capacity only. Customer pays for excess use over the contracted capacity. Valid once per location, but customers can use the promotion in additional Equinix Metal locations within six months for a 12-month initial subscription term or within 12 months for a 36-month initial subscription term.

Gabriel Chapman Director, Storage Solutions
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