Join the Equinix Community to Learn and Connect

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Join the Equinix Community to Learn and Connect

Today’s IT professionals are resourceful; they thrive in environments where they’re empowered to solve challenges and achieve goals through collaboration and knowledge sharing. Self-service resources and online communities provide quick solutions and access to a large knowledge base—and they’ve grown in popularity in the customer experience (CX) era. At Equinix, we acted on valuable customer input and created the Equinix Community as a place for IT professionals to explore resources and collaborate. It offers our customers new self-service capabilities to help them find information, connect with peers, post questions and share feedback.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce the Equinix Community and highlight what customers have already accomplished through active participation during our soft launch. This launch is a milestone in our commitment to providing Equinix customers with delightful user experiences. We look forward to hearing even more success stories about how customers and partners connect and learn in the Equinix Community.

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What to expect from the Equinix Community

The Equinix Community offers a variety of ways to learn and connect. We’re consolidating resources in one place and providing new, original content to help you increase your knowledge and skills via self-service educational resources like how-to videos, tutorials, product updates and documentation. Equinix Community is also a place to connect and collaborate with other customers and partners. There’s a discussion forum where you can ask or answer questions and share feedback. And Equinix subject matter experts are standing by to add their thoughts and expertise on solving challenges or using specific features. Full-time global community managers ensure 24/7 coverage.

We’re excited about the opportunity for customers and partners to make their voices heard by providing feedback on Equinix services in the public discussion forum and the private groups and discussions section. Customers have already shared valuable input for product enhancements and started discussions on expanding product use or solving challenges.

Showcasing the value of active participation

Early indications are that customers find the Equinix Community to be useful in multiple ways. We couldn’t be more pleased with the interaction between customers and their peers, partners and Equinix subject matter experts. The following examples show how Equinix Community members are engaging with one another worldwide and providing valuable feedback to help shape the future of Equinix.

Enablement and self-service: A customer was searching for SOC reports and asked the community for help. Other customers also mentioned interest in that information. One of our community managers shared how to find the SOC reports in the specific discussion so everyone could see the response. This answer is now part of the knowledge base, and the feedback has led to updates to our product documentation to accelerate learning.

Access to subject matter experts: One Equinix customer shared product and service feedback by starting a discussion. They use virtual circuits between Equinix Fabric® ports and Network Edge devices but couldn’t access the link usage statistics available for other circuits. The product manager for interconnection responded to the discussion and confirmed that this request is on the roadmap for future product releases. In this case, the customer was able to influence product development and can feel confident that Equinix has heard their voice.

Sharing feedback and insights: This customer had an idea for how Equinix could improve Equinix Smart Hands®. His team works in shifts, so other team members require access to ticket requests. He submitted an idea via the Ideas page, and another customer confirmed that this improvement would also help him and his team. The idea was shared then with the Smart Hands team. Our product teams and community managers are keeping community members updated on the progress.

We're excited to see the rapid expansion of the Equinix Community and the active engagement we've witnessed thus far. Our aim in establishing this community is to foster a collaborative space where our customers and partners can exchange insights and strategies for maximizing the value of their investments in Platform Equinix." —Eduardo Cocozza, VP Product Led Growth Marketing, Equinix

Getting started with Equinix Community

To get started as a member of the community, first check out this Equinix Community overview:


The landing page provides an excellent snapshot of what’s available on the Equinix Community website. Click through to get an introduction to the community, view trending discussions, learn about our featured members, access learning opportunities and discover events where you can connect with customers, partners and Equinix experts. When you’re ready to participate, use your Equinix credentials to log in from the landing page.

Once you’ve signed in you can begin to show off your participation and expertise by earning badges, rankings, moving to the top of leaderboards and earning rewards. We look forward to your contributions to the Equinix Community!

Check out the Equinix Community today.

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