Equinix in the News Q3 2023

Equinix in the News Q3 2023

As we approach the end of another quarter, it’s time to review the latest happenings from Equinix that have made headlines around the globe. Check out our recent media coverage highlighting how we’re helping our customers accelerate their digital transformations by providing foundational infrastructure at the digital edge by deploying hybrid architectures with a broad ecosystem of partners.

Nareit’s REIT.com: Equinix at 25: Creating a Home for All Things Digital

Equinix CFO Keith Taylor sat down with the editor of Nareit to talk about the company’s 25 year history, as well as the substantial growth opportunity he sees for years to come given ongoing digitization, as companies move more and more functions onto the cloud, alongside the exponential growth potential of AI.

The Wall Street Journal: Rising Data Center Costs Linked to AI Demands

Jon Lin, Equinix’s Executive Vice President of Data Center Services shares his insights into the impact the huge interest in AI has had on the data center industry.

CIO: Equinix goes partner prospecting with AI

The article discusses Equinix’s use of AI to drive new logo acquisition and to prioritize partners based on who is predicted to generate the highest booking value. It also highlights that Equinix received a 2023 CIO 100 Award in IT Excellence.

Data Center Frontier: Equinix’s Tiffany Osias Talks AI, Liquid Cooling, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Architecture, Sustainability

Tiffany Osias, VP of Colocation at Equinix, sat down with hosts of the DCF show – Data Center Frontier’s podcast series – to discuss the company’s investment in a range of data center innovations to help its customers enter new markets and gain competitive advantages through burgeoning AI and machine learning tools.

VARIndia: Equinix aiding customers by evaluating the most effective on-premises or private cloud data storage options 

Jules Johnston, Senior Vice President, Global Channel Equinix, discusses Equinix’s business focus, partnerships, market opportunities and expansion plans in India. She also provides insights into Equinix’s role in supporting digital transformation across various verticals.

Silicon Valley Business Journal: People on the Move – Adam Berlew joins Equinix as Chief Marketing Officer

Berlew brings more than 25 years’ experience in strategic marketing, and has previously held global leadership roles at Atlassian, Google, Broadcom, and Dell.

VentureBeat: Equinix and Southern Cross Cables to link internet in New Zealand and Australia with the U.S.

The feature provides details around Equinix’s latest announcement to provide a key U.S.-based interconnectivity access point for the Southern Cross NEXT submarine cable system, offering the lowest latency path from Australia and New Zealand to Los Angeles in the U.S., connecting into Equinix’s LA4 Los Angeles International Business Exchange (IBX) data center.

The Australian: Australian Corporates Join AI Chips Race

Guy Danskine, Managing Director at Equinix Australia, explains how AI is resulting in more enterprises seeking the necessary digital infrastructure to capitalize on new market opportunities and perform complex computations of the kind needed to train and develop AI systems.

The Straits Times: Where the tech jobs are

Yee May Leong, Managing Director, South Asia at Equinix, speaks about the latest innovations that Equinix is exploring, including genomics and deployment of AI technology.

Economy Chosun: Equinix invests approximately KRW 850 billion in the Asia-Pacific Data Center Market, which grows 12% annually

Jeremy Deutsch, President of Asia-Pacific at Equinix, discusses Equinix’s global and local footprint, sustainability strategies and commitment to the APAC region. He also shares insights into the factors influencing digital infrastructure growth and market forecasts.

Bloomberg TV: Equinix launches the second stage of its data center in Sofia for $12 million

Equinix Bulgaria MD Zdravko Nikolov discussed opportunities in the country, following the $12 million expansion of its Sofia data center’s second stage.

Channel Futures: Equinix Employs Partner Prospecting with AI for the Win

Greg Adgate, VP of Partner Management Global Programs, shares how  technology and human thinking intersect to benefit prospecting and sales, and how Equinix is strategically using AI to make business decisions.

Economy Magazine: Artificial Intelligence and sustainability? Equinix investigates the pairing

Commentary from Equinix executives Jon Lin and Christopher Wellise were featured in an article discussing the synergy between technological evolution and environmental responsibility amid the exponential growth of AI adoption.

TEK: Almost 70% of technology leaders in Portugal want to recruit and grow a team in the coming months

TEK Portugal reported on Equinix’s Global Tech Trends Survey, revealing that nearly 70% of technology leaders in Portugal plan to recruit and expand their teams in the coming months.

Fast Company Brazil: IT executives still see budget as an impeditive for AI

Victor Arnaud, Managing Director of Equinix Brazil, shares insights from the Global Tech Trends Survey 2023, where Brazil enterprises appear slightly more confident than global companies that their digital infrastructure if prepared for the demands of AI technology.

Globe and Mail Leadership Series: To close the skills gap, stop focusing on skills candidates don’t have

In a contributed article, Equinix Canada Managing Director Andrew Eppich shares his thoughts on the importance of closing the skills gap to recruit and retain talent, and how employee wellbeing should be a business imperative.

Diario Financiero: Equinix to invest nearly US$ 50 million to expand one of the data centers it purchased from Entel

Charles Meyers, Equinix CEO and Francisco Basoalto, Managing Director of Equinix Chile, sat down with Diario Financiero to discuss the company’s current investments and future plans in the Chilean market.

Caracol Radio: Artificial Intelligence and Interconnections the future of the technological era

In this in-depth article, Caracol Radio spoke with Tara Risser, President for Equinix Americas, and Eduardo Carvalho, Managing Director for Equinix Latin America, on the challenges AI and interconnection bring, and the important role of data centers in people’s daily life.

Gestion: Equinix completes integration of data center in Lima, its next steps?

Gestion interviewed Eduardo Carvalho, Managing Director for Equinix Latin America, to discuss current investments and future plans in the Peruvian market.

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