Focus on AI Innovation; Leave the Rest to Equinix & NVIDIA

Equinix Private AI with NVIDIA DGX enables turnkey AI development and automated infrastructure at scale

Jon Lin
Focus on AI Innovation; Leave the Rest to Equinix & NVIDIA

The race to harness the massive potential of generative AI is on. For companies looking to fast-track AI, DIY infrastructure is not an option. Enterprises need the right partners and ecosystem access to accelerate the integration of AI development into their business operations using purpose-built infrastructure and by establishing secure, seamless connectivity to data sources across clouds, on-premises and at the edge.

That’s where our recently announced collaboration with NVIDIA can help. Equinix Private AI with NVIDIA DGX is a fully managed private cloud service that enables enterprises to easily acquire and manage their own NVIDIA DGX AI supercomputing infrastructure for building and running custom generative AI models. This service gives customers a fast, secure and cost-effective way to adopt advanced AI infrastructure operated and managed by experts worldwide, and provides availability to the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform for the development and deployment of production-grade AI applications. These tailored solutions can help enterprises navigate through the complexities of AI infrastructure while maintaining control over their data and operations in a non-public environment.

Last month, I wrote about how digital infrastructure will enable private AI and the three critical strategies enterprises can use to get AI right. This latest development with NVIDIA makes it faster and easier for businesses to advance their AI strategies.

We believe this collaboration can be a game-changer for organizations looking to bridge the gap between ownership and operational efficiency.

What’s driving the demand for a fully managed private cloud for AI?

Enterprises know that effectively integrating AI is a business imperative, but there’s some heavy lifting they’ll need to do before they can really move into AI supercomputing. Here’s what enterprises should be thinking about as they prepare to make the transition:

  • Ensuring data privacy, security and compliance
  • Moving proprietary data on demand, privately
  • Managing AI hardware and infrastructure complexity
  • Ensuring AI workflow control and speed
  • Getting the flexibility to use private AI or hybrid AI
  • Integrating AI with existing enterprise data, systems and tools
  • Solving for latency-sensitive workloads like real-time inference

Equinix’s fully managed NVIDIA AI supercomputing service can help enterprises streamline the deployment and operation of advanced AI supercomputing. By deploying AI infrastructure on Platform Equinix®, enterprises can also integrate a hybrid multicloud architecture for private AI that’s adaptable and scalable, simplifying access to multiple cloud and edge environments for specific workloads. Our sustainable and digital-ready infrastructure also helps businesses capitalize on the best our technology partners have to offer and puts them on the fast track to meeting their sustainability priorities.

Focus on AI innovation, not AI infrastructure

This joint solution provides a turnkey, ready-to-run AI development platform to bridge on-premises and the cloud with a single-pane view of all resources. It is a premium solution designed and deployed by NVIDIA, hosted and managed by Equinix and backed by a one-stop team of AI experts.

A fully managed private cloud service makes it easy for enterprises to acquire and manage their own NVIDIA DGX AI supercomputing infrastructure. With this, they can build and run custom generative AI models in proximity to their data. Equinix installs and operates each customer’s privately owned NVIDIA infrastructure and can deploy services on their behalf in key Equinix IBX® colocation data centers globally.

Equinix Private AI with NVIDIA DGX availability

The service helps customers operate their AI infrastructure close to their data with direct high-speed connectivity to cloud services and an ecosystem of network service providers for pulling information across corporate WANs. Our private, high-bandwidth interconnections to cloud providers and enterprises help ensure low latency for AI workloads while meeting data security and compliance requirements.

The solution also features enterprise-grade support and security backed by our Equinix IBX data center professionals and NVIDIA AI experts. This support makes it quick and easy for customers to build and deploy their custom AI models.

How does deploying AI infrastructure intersect with sustainability?

Global companies in verticals such as medical research, biopharma and financial services are running massive AI workloads all over the world to accelerate the discovery of new medications, the development of AI copilots for customer service agents, the creation of virtual productivity assistants and other innovations. They have stringent sustainability requirements that drive them to increase efficiencies, even as power consumption needs increase.

You might wonder how Equinix and NVIDIA can meet all the power and cooling requirements for running AI workloads while keeping sustainability front and center. Interestingly, each rack of DGX systems replaces hundreds, if not thousands, of CPU servers and is highly efficient. The more applications and workloads enterprises convert to GPU-accelerated computing, the more efficient workload processing becomes.

It’s also about addressing our data center energy use with renewable energy, reducing energy waste, constructing buildings to operate as efficiently as possible, and integrating advanced technologies such as direct-to-chip liquid cooling. We ensure transparency through Scope 3 reporting to our customers, so they know they’re achieving their sustainability goals.

Early adopters advance their AI supercomputing capabilities

Companies with early access to our managed private cloud service include industry leaders in biopharma, financial services, software, automotive and retail. They’re building and scaling their AI Centers of Excellence for a strategic foundation on which to build a broad range of rapidly evolving LLM use cases that drive critical business outcomes.

This helps companies accelerate time to market for new medications, develop AI copilots for customer service agents and build virtual productivity assistants. Customers can easily access NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, included with DGX systems as part of this offering, to streamline the development and deployment of production-grade AI applications, including generative AI.

To learn more, watch this video of my conversation with Matt Hull, VP, Global AI Solutions at NVIDIA, about our recently announced collaboration.

Download the Equinix Private AI with NVIDIA DGX solution brief for more on how this fully managed private cloud service can help you bridge the gap between ownership and operational efficiency in your AI infrastructure.

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