Rooftop Solar Systems in Melbourne Green the Grid

Officiated by the Hon. Lily D’Ambrosio MP, Minister for Climate Action, for Energy and Resources and the State Electricity Commission — the unveiling ceremony reveals Equinix’s long-term vision for clean energy in Australia

Rooftop Solar Systems in Melbourne Green the Grid

Solar energy will play a transformative role in sustainably fueling Australia’s energy grids of the future, paving the way for Melbourne to embrace cleaner and renewable power sources. Amongst data center operators in Australia, Equinix is at the forefront in solar energy generation with its recent deployment of a 1MW rooftop solar system at its ME1 International Business Exchange® (IBX®) data centre in Melbourne. It was an honour to have the Hon. Lily D’Ambrosio MP, Minister for Climate Action, Energy and Resources and the State Electricity Commission, and Nina Taylor MP, Labor Member for Albert Park, preside over the unveiling ceremony of the future-ready facility. Equinix has now installed rooftop solar systems at eight of its data centers across the country, providing a total of approximately 1.8MW of clean power to supplement local grids.

This is not only a remarkable achievement for Equinix, but also a significant contribution to the transition towards a low-carbon economy in Australia. Adding additional clean energy to local communities, Equinix is reducing its environmental impact and operating costs, while supporting the country’s decarbonization targets and the development of its digital economy.

The ME1 solar project was supported by the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program, which provides incentives for businesses and households to undertake energy efficiency activities. Equinix claimed Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) to fund the development of the project, each representing one ton of greenhouse gas emissions reduction. The ME1 data center also features two on-site electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, which are freely available to Equinix employees and visitors. These stations are part of Equinix’s ongoing investments in EV charging infrastructure in Australia, along with its other green initiatives.

Equinix has been a global leader in renewable energy, reaching over 90% coverage since 2018 and 96% in 2022. Despite its growth, Equinix has increased its renewable energy purchases by 29% in the last two years, aiming for 100% coverage by 2030. Equinix’s recent deal with Golden Plains Wind Farm is projected to close the remaining 4% gap and achieve its 100% renewables goal by 2030.


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