Join Equinix at Google Cloud NEXT ‘24

Join Equinix at Google Cloud NEXT ‘24 April 9-11th in Las Vegas and meet with our executives and experts throughout the week.

Wilson Chow
Join Equinix at Google Cloud NEXT ‘24

Unleash the power of Google Cloud with secure, high-performance connectivity through Equinix and take your Google Cloud experience to the next level.
Struggling with latency, security concerns, and the complexities of managing a hybrid multi-cloud environment? Look no further than Equinix, Google Cloud’s leading interconnection partner.

Equinix Is Your Gateway to a Seamless Cloud Journey
Equinix empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of Google Cloud by providing secure, private, and high-performance connections. Here’s how:

  • Say Goodbye to the Public Internet
    Equinix Fabric offers private, dedicated access to Google Cloud, significantly reducing latency and costs while keeping your data secure.
  • Enhanced Multi-Cloud Flexibility
    The Equinix Fabric Cloud Router provides secure and efficient private connections to Google Cloud within your existing multi-cloud environment.
  • Effortless Data Migration and Management
    Equinix Network Edge and Metal enable secure and rapid migration of petabytes of data into Google Cloud, perfect for large-scale projects and high-value use cases.

Unlocking the Potential of AI in Google Cloud
Equinix empowers businesses to unleash the full potential of AI workloads in Google Cloud.

  • Seamless Large Language Model (LLM) and AI Pipeline Integration
    Equinix Digital Services facilitate secure and low-latency connections for LLMs and AI pipelines within Google Cloud.
  • Enhanced Security and Reduced Latency
    By eliminating the public internet, Equinix ensures maximum data security and minimizes latency for optimal AI performance.
  • Streamlined Collaboration
    Establish secure connections with downstream applications, data providers, and partners within your AI ecosystem.

Benefits You Can’t Ignore

  • Reduced Training and Inference Latency
    Experience faster training times and real-time inference through dedicated hybrid multi-cloud connections.
  • Seamless Integration
    Effortlessly integrate on-prem databases with your cloud AI environment for maximum flexibility.
  • Real-time GenAI Applications at the Edge
    Deploy high-performance computing resources with Equinix Metal, connected directly to Google Cloud, to unlock the potential of real-time GenAI applications.

A partnership we’re excited to highlight at the event is the collaboration between Server General and Equinix to provide secure and efficient data movement solutions. Transfer General, Server General’s robust data transfer platform leverages Equinix’s infrastructure for high-speed data transfer with military-grade encryption. Key benefits include:

  • High-speed data transfer (up to 100 Gbps) with Equinix providing dedicated bandwidth and low latency.
  • Secure data migration between cloud platforms or to the cloud from data centers via Equinix’s direct and dedicated cloud connections.
  • Data encryption at rest and in transit as well as customer-controlled encryption keys
  • Efficient archiving of sensitive data while maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • Secure data sharing with partners through platforms like Google Cloud.
  • Simplified management through Equinix Network Edge

Overall, the collaboration between Server General and Equinix empowers businesses to move, archive, and share data securely and efficiently. Learn more here:

Ready to transform your Google Cloud experience?
With Equinix, you gain the power to leverage the full potential of Google Cloud. Experience secure, private connections, reduced latency, and a simplified hybrid multi-cloud environment. Experience it firsthand at our Hands-On Labs at Google Cloud Next in Vegas between April 8-11! Details are below.

Learn how Equinix and Google Cloud can help your business leverage data-driven operational efficiencies, innovations and experiences to compete and succeed.
We’ll be hosting activities at Mandalay Bay that you won’t want to miss!

  • Attend one of our Hands-on Lab sessions to learn how to optimize your network to be more agile with your hybrid multi-cloud environment. 
  • Meet with Equinix product and sales teams to understand how customers use platform Equinix to build a powerful network infrastructure to get the most out of their cloud investments!     

Please schedule time to connect with us in person by clicking here or email with any questions. Thank you! 

Hands-on Lab: Boost Your Multi-Cloud Performance: Hands-on Experience with Low-Latency Networking. Revolutionize your cloud with Equinix & Google Cloud.

Tuesday, April 9th – 11:30am; 1:30pm; 3:30pm
Wednesday, April 10th – 12pm; 2pm; 4pm
Sign up here.

Stop settling for mediocre connections and complex setups. Embrace the power of Equinix and Google Cloud for a streamlined, secure, and blazing-fast hybrid cloud experience.

  • Discover efficient and secure solutions to migrate, archive, and share critical information across platforms and collaborate seamlessly with partners.
  • Embrace true hybrid cloud flexibility and power when you break free from vendor lock-in and choose the best environment for each workload.

Tuesday, April 9th: 9am-5pm
Wednesday, April 10th: 9am-5pm
Sign up here.

Available in over 40 Equinix metros worldwide, the Equinix and Google Cloud partnership offers the infrastructure muscle you need to build a robust, geographically dispersed cloud strategy. 

Schedule a meeting with us today! 

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