CiscoLive 2024

Las Vegas, NV | June 2-6, 2024

Chris Edwards
CiscoLive 2024

CiscoLive 2024 Event Blog Post

AI takes center stage at Cisco Live 2024, empowering you to expand your horizons and immersing you in the next wave of Cisco’s transformative technologies. Learn to work faster, safer, and smarter and become part of the movement that will Go Beyond what’s possible.

Equinix and Cisco are helping enterprises modernize their infrastructure and boost energy efficiency with more sustainable solutions that help fast-track priorities for sustainability reporting and compliance. Colocation and digital infrastructure services on Platform Equinix®, combined with Cisco’s solutions on Equinix comprised of SD-WAN, security, and collaboration solutions, give IT teams maximum flexibility, visibility, and control to deploy a more sustainable infrastructure, at scale. Schedule a meeting with our on-site experts today and don’t miss our speaking session below.

Driving Sustainability in the Era of AI
Wednesday, June 5, 2024 | 2:00PM – 2:45PM
World of Solutions – Center Stage
Session CENDCN-1020

Abstract: As the world embraces AI, it faces significant transformations and opportunities. However, with AI estimated to consume as much electricity as the country of Ireland on an annual basis, we must address the environmental consequences of this transformation. Most data centers today are not prepared for the increasing power, compute, and networking demands necessary to support AI workloads.

This panel convenes Cisco sustainability leaders and data center industry leaders to discuss strategies businesses can adopt to help mitigate the environmental impacts of AI by reducing resource and energy use, starting in the data center. Hear how Cisco and its partners are helping to build AI-ready, energy-efficient data centers that could become the foundation of a more sustainable, digital, future.

  • Mary de Wysocki, VP Sustainability at Cisco
  • Adele Trombetta, SVP and GM, CX EMEA, Cisco
  • Rich Steeves, VP Joint Platform Solutions

Learn about the Equinix/Cisco Commitment to Sustainability

Our solutions are designed with sustainability in mind; customers benefit through optimized data center energy efficiency and increased visibility and performance across their entire networking and compute infrastructure. Data-driven insights into your sustainability performance can help address decarbonization goals, emissions reporting, and compliance commitments.

Together, our solutions are designed to help accelerate your journey to a more sustainable future:

  • Optimizing costs by reducing infrastructure complexity and streamlining the delivery of economical solutions for specific workloads or applications
  • Aid in reducing your Scope 1 and 2 emissions and helping with transparent reporting on Scope 3
  • Supporting compliance reporting for your operations by leveraging Equinix’s Green Power reporting and Cisco’s Energy Management Dashboards
  • Improving network performance both through reduced latency and by distributing cloud assets across several cloud-hosting environments

Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN with Equinix Network Edge and Fabric
Now available on Cisco Global Price list (Cisco SolutionsPlus)

Optimizing middle mile connectivity for our customers just got easier! By integrating Cisco’s SD-WAN products with Equinix’s leading network connectivity platform, customers can supercharge their SD-WAN deployment with a fully digital joint solution available as a pay-as-you-go service.

Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Interconnect with Equinix delivers reliable network performance while decreasing operational costs and complexity by automating on-demand network to sites and to leading cloud provider networks. The solution optimizes the middle-mile connectivity with a pre-provisioned private backbone network that directly and securely interconnects cloud and enterprise networks.

Download the joint solution brief to learn more Joint Sustainability Solution Brief here.



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