Gartner Catalyst 2019 Focus: Pushing Your Digital Advantage

When companies become digital ready, they gain a number of advantages that empower them to do things they never thought possible. Being digital ready means you can exponentially increase the volume, variety and velocity of data processing, and scale whenever and wherever you need to globally. Being digital ready means that you can be proactive—rather than reactive—to change, no matter what form it takes. It also means leveraging more cost-effective OPEX rather than CAPEX to take your business anywhere in the world it needs to be and contribute to a flourishing global digital economy.

Top Cloud IaaS Use Cases

There’s no question the cloud is taking off in the enterprise, allowing businesses to scale, globalize and bring new services and products to market faster than they ever dreamed. According to Synergy Research Group, cloud leaders Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, SoftLayer and Google saw their year-to-year revenue grow by 84% in Q2 2015. These cloud giants have also picked up some impressive customers. Here are some of their more newsworthy cloud Infrastructure-as a-Service (IaaS) use cases.