How Carriers and Service Providers Can Expand Global Presence and Reach

The new inter-metro connectivity will be delivered through the Equinix Cloud Exchange™ (ECX), which has been renamed the Equinix Cloud Exchange™ Fabric (ECX Fabric). It will leverage the software-defined networking (SDN) capabilities currently built into ECX to enable any customer to dynamically connect its own infrastructure across Equinix locations or connect to any other customer on the Equinix global platform, regardless of location

Interconnection Isn’t Just Electronic; Sometimes It’s About Beer

Electronic interconnection is available at a deeper and broader level than ever in this interconnected era. Companies can collaborate with partners everywhere and offer products and services people didn’t even think were possible five years ago. The market leaders know this, and they’re doing it. That makes it critical for everyone else to get on board with this new level or interconnection, or risk falling behind.

Why you Need to Develop a Broader Peering Strategy

As one of the world’s largest IP peering platforms, Equinix has witnessed more IP traffic growth in the past 18 months than the previous four years combined. In fact, we estimate the total public and private IP peering traffic in our global Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers is growing by 15 terabytes per second (Tbps), per quarter, outpacing the overall Internet traffic growth rate.