Unreal: Virtual Reality Tech Dominating at Mobile World Congress ‘16

Virtual reality products are dominating the exhibition at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The term “virtual reality” has been kicked around the industry for years, but until now we’ve never had the processing power, camera technology or connectivity to enable true virtual reality (VR) solutions. And for that reason, there is palpable excitement buzzing through the crowds gathered around the new VR products at the show.

Fitbit IPO Hits Big, Signals Broader Shift in Consumer Expectations

Fitbit’s success also signals a paradigm shift in how people interact with the digital world. Fitbit’s calorie-counting, workout-tracking users are similar to people everywhere who now customize their online experiences and tailor them to meet their changing needs. Companies must start thinking about incorporating these evolving user requirements into their strategies, because those that don’t will struggle.