Weaponizing the IoT for DDoS Attacks

Interestingly DDoS attacks have moved beyond the simple large volume attacks of yore to sophisticated, dynamic combinations of stealthy multi-vector application-level attacks and even campaigns of attacks that morph while they’re in progress. This requires a multi-layered approach to your DDoS security that includes on-premises, in-line protection and intelligent communication with your ISP or MSP, so it knows to deploy its own DDoS defenses when necessary.

Deloitte’s Risk Intelligence in the Cloud

The cyber-attack landscape is expanding with new and growing threats. From the proliferation of Internet of Things-connected devices to the increasing number of “hacktivists” and ransomware attacks on organizations and individuals, risks are present everywhere. Enterprises are seeing cyber-attacks rising and recognize that they can lead to large financial losses, reputational damage and even complete business disruption.