Why Interconnection Is Booming in the U.S.

As the birthplace of the internet, it is no surprise that the United States (U.S.) leads the world in Interconnection, which enables the direct, private traffic exchange between businesses. You can see how this is playing out today with Interconnection hubs like our Ashburn campus in Northern Virginia that hosts the country’s largest concentration of network participants and is rapidly becoming a hotbed for most of the world’s internet traffic.

Fuel Cells Make Interconnection More Sustainable

Our recent agreement to expand the use of Bloom Energy fuel cells in our data centers is one key way we’re decreasing the overall impact of a growing digital economy on the planet. According to research in the Global Interconnection Index, a new market study published by Equinix, Interconnection Bandwidth capacity is projected to reach an estimated 5,000 terabits per second by 2020. That kind of interconnection will require significant power output to support it.

Building for Tomorrow in Silicon Valley

Our brand-new SV10 building showed well when it took the spotlight at the facility’s recent opening in Silicon Valley, and why not? It’s cool-looking, it’s adding needed colocation capacity in a tight market and its design reflects Equinix’s commitment to security, reliability and energy efficiency. But at its core, the opening of SV10 is primarily about the power of Interconnection.