20 Years of Putting “Customer-First” Into Action

The careful global expansion we’ve undertaken for two decades is about being where our customers are taking their businesses. The products and services we introduce, from the Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™to Equinix SmartKey™, are a direct response to what customers tell us they need. And when we think about the future, we’re not aiming to just keep up with our customers’ ambitions, we want to stay several steps ahead.

How Equinix is Creating Greater Value through a Customer-Driven Experience

We want our customers to see us as a trusted strategic partner and derive as much value as possible from each and every interaction with us at every point throughout the customer experience journey. This is why we are embarking on a multi-year, customer-inspired experience transformation that spans all functions of our organization and unites everyone at Equinix around delivering a world-class experience for our customers.