Digital Transformation: Driving Business Innovation and Value

The flow and exchange of data is shaping the global economy. While constraints, geographic, financial or otherwise, may once have prevented companies from expanding into lucrative new markets, rapid technological development is enabling companies in every sector to be more agile, and bring their products and services to market more quickly than ever before.

Business Leaders to Weigh in on Ireland’s Increasing Colocation Appeal

Ireland’s lure as prime location for data center colocation is intensifying, and the acquisition of TelecityGroup by Equinix in January is a big reason why. The arrival of Equinix in Ireland has given locally-hosted businesses access to interconnection on a grand scale. Now, organizations can reach 40 global markets on five continents.

Standing Out in the Cloud

Ireland is a Tier 1 location for serving business-to-business and business-to-consumer customers. But soon, we are going to witness a massive explosion in data generated by the Internet of Everything, with predictions that 90% of this data will be data-center-to-data-center. That’s where the opportunities lie for Ireland. We have been laying the foundations for the past 60 years – now it’s time to ride the next wave of opportunity.