20 Years of Working Toward Data Center Greatness

Without world-class data centers, Equinix wouldn’t have been much more than a cool idea. Our data centers set the standard on five continents, and they’re part of an ever-expanding footprint that’s shaping the future of the digital world.  As the head of global operations for Equinix, I can tell you none of that is an accident. It’s about passion, diligence and design – right down to the blue light on our colocation floor. It’s also about knowing as we build on our success that we can’t take the lessons of the past or the rewards of the future for granted.

Equinix Stays Up and Running. Here’s How.

National Security Agency, Adm. director Michael Rogers recently warned of “a digital Pearl Harbor.” An example of this would be an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, in which, according to Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the Center for Security Policy, terrorists could detonate a nuclear weapon in earth’s atmosphere, sending out a powerful current that could disable all electrical equipment for thousands of miles.