Clouds at the Digital Edge: Making the most out of digital IT with multi-cloud connectivity

By mixing and matching your company's business needs to the best cloud services, you have the opportunity to create a more agile, flexible and scalable IT service delivery infrastructure that better supports your organization's digital business goals. But are you making the most out of this new dynamic, digital environment?

How to Converse in Cloud: Are Containers the Next Atomic Unit of Computing?

Among the enterprises surveyed in the RightScale “2016 State of the Cloud” report, containers are picking up steam. Open source container pioneer Docker, doubled its current installed base to 29% year-over-year, with another 38% of enterprises saying they plan to use it in the future. Cloud giants Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform have also entered the market offering container services based on open source tools, including Docker, DC/OS or Kubernetes.

Meet Equinix: Frank Amann, Global Solutions Architect, Making the Enterprise More Agile and Cloud-Connected

In this month’s “Meet Equinix” article, we’re speaking to Frank Amann, Global Solutions Architect (GSA) in Zurich, Switzerland. Frank is helping customers transform their networks to handle today’s data deluge and establish higher-performing and more flexible cloud connections.

The Steps You Need to Take for Digital IT Transformation

Digital IT transformation seems to be on every CIO’s mind and budget. MarketandMarkets estimates that by 2020, the global digital transformation market, which includes integrating technologies such as cloud, social, mobile and analytics, will be $369.22 billion. Given how critical this transformation is to compete in the digital economy, CIOs will want to get this right the first time.

Meet Equinix: Andre Stubberfield, Senior Global Solutions Architect, Proving the Impossible

The Equinix family is made up of employees who bring a rich and diverse set of skills to help our customers solve business and technology problems with innovative solutions. This month, we turn our “Meet Equinix” spotlight on Senior Global Solutions Architect Andre Stubberfield, who is the master architect responsible for network device configuration for Equinix Solution Validation Centers (SVCs).