Equinix and Oracle® Showcase Strategy to Optimize Cloud Performance for Digital Business at Oracle OpenWorld

Walking the OpenWorld floor, it was clear that the enterprises and partner organizations gathered there were eager to realize Ellison’s vision. They are working to make digital transformations that will increase their operational efficiency, improve their customer experiences, grow their revenues and strengthen their competitive positions. But

Optimizing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure through Interconnection

Yesterday’s Oracle CloudWorld in New York City covered everything from managing data with the world’s 1st autonomous database and humanizing customer experiences, to connecting and extending on-premises and cloud applications. In his keynote speech at the event, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd, told the audience that by 2020, more than half of all enterprise data will be managed autonomously, and will also be more secure. Hurd also said that 90% of all enterprise applications will feature integrated artificial intelligence capabilities.

Equinix and a “Clean” Approach to Fighting Online Advertising Fraud

To preserve trust, the industry must reduce fraud risks and ensure the most “clean inventory” possible– ad impressions generated by real end users, not bots. A new Equinix white paper, “How Fraud Is Plaguing the Online Advertising Industry (And How a New ‘Clean’ Approach Offers a Cure),” discusses how the Equinix Ad-IX digital advertising ecosystem and the anti-fraud software company Forensiq joined forces to create an interconnection platform where inventory can be reviewed and fraudulent impressions can be more easily identified within the real-time-bidding (RTB) window.