From the Ashes of the Corporate Data Center, A Place for IT Transformation Is Born

The enterprise owned-and-operated data center is on the endangered species list. But let’s not write any obituaries yet! Enterprises still have critical data center needs, but those needs are changing dramatically. Today, IT leaders are being called on to deliver high-performing, data-intensive, dynamic applications and IT services to users distributed globally.

Digital Is Reshaping Global Trade With New Speed, Insight, Reach

Today’s hottest trade routes are digital, and they are connecting global commerce centers via high-speed fiber optic cable. They regularly traverse land and sea carrying everything from the latest video streaming sensations to the mission-critical cloud services that digital businesses can’t exist without.

A Deafening Cybersecurity Wake-Up Call: What Will It Take to Answer?

In today’s mobile, digital world, the reality is: the larger the attack surface, the more sophisticated and brazen the attackers and the greater the vulnerability. Whether you’re a government, multinational company, or a small local business, a hacker’s goal for your company is the same: find your points of weakness and exploit them.