How to Get Your Legal Firm Digital Ready

Today’s corporate lawyers are looking for ways to expand their services and add new value to their clients. Global law firms that practice across borders are also looking to deliver digital law services that enable clients in different regions to have fast and easy access to key information and services in an efficient manner.

Games and interconnection – What do they have to do with each other?

In the gaming industry and other segments that use cloud-based solutions, interconnection-oriented architecture is shifting the business model of companies.

Why Global Commerce Demands Agile Network Architectures

As global value chains become more knowledge-intensive, they’ve spawned an increase in cross-border bandwidth usage. Volume 2 of the Global Interconnection Index Report, a market study published by Equinix, projects interconnection bandwidth global growth of 48% CAGR. Efficient planning, implementation and management of these networks and interconnections is critical to the success of global services.

Accelerating Interconnection in the Country of Innovation: Japan

Today, we have a total of 13 International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers in Japan, two in Osaka and 11 in Tokyo, including the newly announced TY11 in Tokyo, which is also our largest to date in Japan. So, what has made Japan such an attractive and important market to us?

Distributed Data Security: Starting the Discussion

The benefits of distributed cloud computing are accompanied by new responsibilities for ensuring data is securely maintained wherever it resides—on-premises or in the cloud. One reality of cloud computing is the number of different cloud providers the typical enterprise employs to support its application and data needs. A growing percentage of enterprises have a multicloud strategy. Many even report running applications on an average of 3.4 public and private clouds and experimenting with 1.5 more for a total of 4.9 clouds. Multicloud enterprises are the norm.

Networking for Nerds: Network Optimization = ROI

Today’s enterprises need the ability to access cloud services worldwide using optimized network infrastructures that can handle any cloud workload, provide the greatest performance and user experience, and deliver the best return on investment (ROI).

Virtual vs. Physical Connections in a Digital Supply Chain

You should consider virtual connectivity solutions as the number of counterparties wanting to connect with your business increases. As more partners and customers consider you as part of their digital business supply chain, then you’ll need a scalable and dynamic software-defined interconnection solution that will support the increasing amounts of traffic that will be moving between you and these ecosystems.

Firing Up Cloud Bursting

Cloud bursts in nature…not so good. As seen in recent news, dangerous flooding can happen when the ground or rivers cannot absorb or contain massive amounts of rainfall over a very short period of time. In computing, cloud bursting is a different matter. “Bursting” an on-premises or private cloud app into a public cloud during peak demand times can be a very good thing. But only as long as your network is prepared for massive bursts in workload and data traffic.

4 Steps To Optimize Your Federal Government Data Center

Many of our government customers are eager to get out of the “data center business” and return their full attention to serving the public interest. Evolving federal data center optimization initiatives and digital mandates are driving today’s government agencies toward data center modernization, but monolithic IT infrastructures are holding them back. A consistent interconnection and data center platform can be a catalyst to not only achieve today’s IT optimization metrics, but to gear up to meet tomorrow’s increasing public demand for critical information and services.

5 Steps to Solving Latency

These game-changing results demonstrate the significant return on investment (ROI) distributing your IT architecture on a global interconnection and colocation platform like Equinix can deliver. It easily outweighs the overhead of managing multiple IT services or application instances in different locations and sets you up to achieve maximum digital business advantage.