Harnessing a AWS Hybrid Cloud Architecture in the Digital Payments Ecosystem

An interconnection-first, hybrid cloud strategy offers digital payments companies greater performance, scalability, security and reliability, while enabling them to deploy their own infrastructure or leverage AWS Direct Connect on Platform Equinix™.

Take A Look Inside a Financial Services Hub

The Equinix-based financial services ecosystem in New York is one of the most important financial services ecosystems in the world, bringing together the biggest players in the global markets for ever-faster transactions and connectivit

How the Cloud Powers Digital Commerce

As we wind down from the holiday shopping season, let’s step back for a moment to consider how cloud computing and electronic payment systems have become an integral part of shopping

The Age of Interconnected Commerce – 2017 Connected Enterprise Prediction #5

This rapid growth in interconnected commerce creates big incentives for companies to innovate, maximize technology or try out new business models. Here’s some of what we see coming in digital commerce in 2017.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence — Insights from FT Innovate

Researchers at the University of Surrey took an in-depth look at the transformative power of MI, a process of sophisticated algorithms that can undertake non-routine, cognitive tasks to supplement or ultimately replace human intelligence.

What’s Different About This Ring Going Around Rio?

A group of 45 Summer Games hopefuls, all sponsored by Visa, were given the wearable Visa payment ring to make purchases in and around Rio de Janeiro. The ring uses the same near-field communication (NFC) technology that enables users to make purchases with smartphones using “Pay” applications from Android, Apple or Samsung.

Equinix Continues to Expand Japanese Presence With TY5 Launch

It’s been just three months since Equinix more than doubled our size in Japan, but we’ve got more growth to talk about: our new TY5 data center in Tokyo.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Four Eras of the Digital Economy

When it comes to connectivity, each era of the digital economy has introduced innovations that fostered new forms of interaction. We’ve gone from connecting machines and people so they can share information to online collaboration and real-time participation. Just as PCs, networking gear and Web apps revolutionized previous digital eras, interconnection is this era’s game-changer.

Bringing Cloud Migration and WAN Optimization to the Financial Services Hub

Bob has over 20 years of experience in network architecture, engineering, implementation and operations. Before coming to Equinix as a GSA for the Americas East, he was a director of network engineering and operations at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), where he was responsible for various infrastructure projects that supported both the AMEX and NYSE capital markets in lower Manhattan. Bob has four grown children and lives in East Patchogue, Long Island. He is an avid racquetball player and also enjoys playing guitar, motorcycling and sailing.

Crazy in New York: A Big Bet to Build a Leading Financial Services Ecosystem

Equinix opens its NY6 data center to serve the world's largest financial, media and enterprise companies in the New York metropolitan area.