12 Amazing Photos of SV10 in Silicon Valley

Our latest state-of-the-art IBX data center, SV10 in Silicon Valley, is officially open for business!  Check out these 12 amazing from inside and outside our facility.  Enjoy!

10 Awesome Photos from Equinix at NAB Show 2017

It's only day three of NAB Show (National Association of Broadcasters) in Las Vegas, but Equinix has enjoyed a busy start of the show. Check out some photos from the first two days of Equinix panels, presentations, and Equinix booth action.

Take A Look Inside a Financial Services Hub

The Equinix-based financial services ecosystem in New York is one of the most important financial services ecosystems in the world, bringing together the biggest players in the global markets for ever-faster transactions and connectivit

The Value of Right-Brain Use in a Left-Brain World

Artist Gregory Burns worries that too many people in the corporate world are only using half of their brains. They are really working that left half hard, though. That’s the analytical side of the brain, the logical side concerned with reason, math and facts. It’s doing a lot of important work in a high-tech haven like Silicon Valley, where Equinix is headquartered, but it rarely picks up a paintbrush. That’s right-brain territory.

Equinix Data Center Renovation – TY1, a new look at the old beauty

In December of last year, Equinix completed its acquisition of the leading Japanese data center provider Bit-isle and its six facilities, turning Equinix into the fourth largest data center operator in Japan.

Equinix Data Hub Arrives to Help the Enterprise Handle the Data Deluge

Data Hub allows the enterprise to build a global data center platform that can keep huge amounts of data close to where it’s produced or distribute it where it is needed for faster processing or analyses. It can also protect and replicate that data and keep it compliant. We got more details from Lance Weaver, VP of Product Offers & Platform Strategy at Equinix:

16 Beautiful Photos of DA7 in Dallas

Today is the official launch event of Equinix's newest data center, DA7 in Dallas. Our growing Dallas campus provides a strategic hub for 275+ companies, and our flagship DA7 facility brings our total colocation footprint to 214,000+ square feet at full build. Enjoy these beautiful photos of DA7 in Dallas.

API Governance: Versioning Challenges and Approach

While web and mobile are proven channels for selling products and services to our customers, APIs have opened up new avenues of eco-system development around channel partners and resellers. Even the enterprise customers irrespective of their size & scale have expressed interest in integrating to datacenter infrastructure, colocation and Utilization APIs for seamless day-to-day operations to meet the modern day application demands.

Summer Shots: Long Days, Cool Breezes and Data Centers

In a tribute to our global reach, and a summer season we all hope stretches on for a long while, here are a couple of cool shots of Equinix data centers in a few of our more touristy locations:

10 Stunning Photos of Equinix DX1 and DX2 Data Centers in Dubai

With a total of 1,700+ square meters (19,000+ square feet ) of colocation space, our Dubai colocation center serves as an interconnection hub for the Middle East.