3 Ways to Ensure Your Data’s Safety

On this World Backup Day, we’re going to talk about some of the ways you can protect your data that go hand-in-hand with your data backup and recovery platform and ensure that you’ve covered all of your data protection bases. This includes geographically distributed locations, private interconnection and multicloud data encryption, key management and tokenization as a service.

Equinix SmartKey™ Beta Program Tests the Industry’s First SGX based Hardware Security Module-as-a-Service Powered by Fortanix

Today, we are announcing the launch of the Equinix SmartKey™ public beta program for the industry’s first HSM-as-a-Service, powered by Fortanix, based on Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX), a technology for application developers who are seeking to protect application code and data from disclosure or modification.

Taking on the Data Explosion With Equinix Data Hub

This month, we introduced the Equinix Data Hub, which allows enterprises to securely keep huge amounts of data at the crossroads of communication, closer to users, applications, analytics engines and clouds. It’s similar to the way manufacturers of durable products locate their warehouses near shipping hubs to take advantage of railroads or waterways and deliver their products to market more efficiently. A smaller, more cost-effective space at a port for shipping goods, with a larger space for storage or manufacturing a short distance away, is the best solution.

DA7 Opens in Dallas to Meet Accelerating Data Demands

The billions invested and massive capacity added obviously make expansion a big story for us, but it's also a familiar story. Since Equinix opened, we've been committed to careful, proactive growth, so it's no surprise that as our customers' need for direct, secure, instant interconnection has grown in recent years, so have we. Our sixth and newest data center in Dallas, DA7, which is now open for business, is a great example of how we're responding to market demand and moving to meet customer needs.

Equinix and a “Clean” Approach to Fighting Online Advertising Fraud

To preserve trust, the industry must reduce fraud risks and ensure the most “clean inventory” possible– ad impressions generated by real end users, not bots. A new Equinix white paper, “How Fraud Is Plaguing the Online Advertising Industry (And How a New ‘Clean’ Approach Offers a Cure),” discusses how the Equinix Ad-IX digital advertising ecosystem and the anti-fraud software company Forensiq joined forces to create an interconnection platform where inventory can be reviewed and fraudulent impressions can be more easily identified within the real-time-bidding (RTB) window.

Open sourcing AquaJS

AquaJS is an open-source project, developed in-house at Equinix, to provide quick and organized way to start developing Microservice based application development. Our main goal is to enable developers to focus on writing reusable application or business logic instead of spending time building software infrastructure (Framework and modules).

The Microservice Architecture Journey at Equinix

Microservices are discrete services that ‘do one thing and do it well’. They are independently developed, versioned and deployed and retired with little or no impact on other services or dependent applications. Traditional multi-tier architectures group services by functionality. Microservice Architecture, by contrast, group services according to the products and services offered by the organization.

Forrester Recognizes Equinix Marketplace as a B2B Sales Enablement Platform For Service Providers

Forrester identifies how the Equinix Marketplace™ “has begun to demonstrate the true potential of carrier-neutral data center services.” The report cites four current tools and features from Equinix Marketplace that provide sales enablement, generate highly qualified leads, and enable business development via back-end analytics.

Equinix heads to AWS re:Invent to Highlight Existing Partnerships, Find New Ones

Equinix is headed back to the massive AWS re:Invent conference next week, where we’ll be talking up our existing AWS partnerships and looking for new ones.

The OTC Derivatives Ecosystem is Rapidly Evolving Inside Equinix

The regulation-driven move to electronic trading venues in the Over the Counter (OTC) derivatives market is taking shape inside Equinix. The key components of the market structure – Swap Execution Facilities, Central Counter Party Clearing, Swap Data Repositories and others – are capitalizing on the same proven infrastructure strategy developed by the architects of electronic trading in other asset classes, such as equities, foreign exchange, futures and options.